Happy Birthday, Daddy!

I’m pretty sure they don’t celebrate birthdays in heaven. If they do, they’re much more likely to celebrate “re-birthdays” or the day the person accepted Christ into their heart. Could you imagine how sweet cake would be if it were made in heaven? Mmmm….

Well, we’re here on earth, but my Daddy is in heaven. It’s been over 12 years since he passed away, but when things like his birthday or my Mom & Dad’s anniversary roll around, I start to miss him all the more. It’s funny, there are still so many times that I’d give anything to pick up the phone and call Dad to let him know what one of the kids did. And I wish that I had had him here to call when we found out about baby #6. He could have broken the news to mom for me.

But, Daddy’s not here, and today will go on being just another day. I hate that. Daddy always made birthdays special for my brother, my mom, and myself, and we always tried to do the same for him. (Though we were never quite as good as he.) Today shouldn’t be just another day. I want to be able to celebrate Daddy turning another year older, but I’ll never again be able to do that.

I think for now, I’ll make a cake in memory of Daddy and drown my sorrows in it. Ok, ok, so that probably wouldn’t help the fact that I am doing really well in the weight gain department, and I don’t want to have to explain how I gained 10 pounds in a week to my doctor. Looks like I’ll just cut myself a slice and share the rest with the ones that I love. Who’s coming over for cake?

Have you lost a loved one and still struggle when it comes to their birthday or other special days in their life? I’d love to hear your experiences. I know I can never forget Daddy or all the special moments we shared, but is there some way to make those special days a little easier?

My parents & I at my High School Graduation – 1996
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    Happybirthday to your dad! 61, right? (I think last year you said he would have been 60). You look sooooo nice in your graduation picture. You look like you know how to pose. In my graduation pics, I have metal mouth braces, witchy black hair, I still looked 12, and my mother looked like Roseanne.

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    I think it's nice you made a cake in memory of him.
    Since my mom passed Dec. 29, 2005, I find Christmas time hard. We knew that last week that it was her last and that whole week was really hard.
    So I feel kind of weepy around Christmas time since then, but I usually hide it because I don't want to bring everyone else down.

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    Heather L. says:

    (((HUGS))) Angie. I wish I lived close to you, we could do something special to celebrate!

    My Nanny's birthday is on Halloween, and every year I cry thinking about how much she would have loved to see my little babies all dressed up in their costumes. I know how you feel.

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    Happy Birthday to your daddy. I am sorry for your loss, it is hard to lose someone so wonderful. My thoughts are with you Angie.

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