Happy Thanksgiving!

As I sit here and reflect back over the past year, I have so much for which I can be thankful.
*I have an amazing husband who loves God, loves me, and loves his kids.
*I have 5 beautiful babies that drive me absolutely insane, refuse to sleep through the night, and cause all sorts of trouble, but they are MY kids, and they are 5 of the biggest blessings in my life. I’d be lost without them.
*I have an amazing family – both right next door and scattered across the country. I know that I can go to any of them any time I need them.
*I have made some wonderful friends. I have people that I can call at 3 o’clock in the morning, and they would hop out of bed and come over if I needed them. I’ve never had that before, and I really like it. (Not that I’m calling them at 3am, mind you, I just know I could.)
*I’ve got an amazing church family. People who love the Lord and it just shines right through them. They are an encouragement and a blessing every time I walk through those doors.
*I’ve got the assurance that I know where I’m going when I die. After years of pretending and wearing a mask, I finally gave it all over to Him and it feels SO good.

Yep. I’m one lucky girl. I will spend today with my family. I couldn’t be happier.

And to make you smile, here’s a Thanksgiving Hello from my little turkeys (ahem) boys:

May God bless each one of you today and every day. May His blessings surround you as you spend today with your family!

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

Angie is a wife and mother to 8. Her life revolves around cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household duties. She is passionate about her life in Christ and wants to encourage other mothers in their own walk of faith. Angie is active on many social media networks, loves technology, photography, and graphic design, and loves creating blog designs for other mom bloggers.


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    Cute Turkeys! You do have a lot to be thankful for. You have such a beautiful family and I enjoy reading about them. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving Angie! God Bless!

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    Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend!!! Love you!

    ~ Natalie

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