Have You Heard of Travel Nursing?

Until now, I had never heard of Travel nursing, but I have to say, I’m quite intrigued now that I have. Travel nursing is basically what it sounds like. I travel nurse moves across the country, generally working in 13 week periods before moving on to a new location. It sounds like a fun, interesting way to travel the country, build your career, meet interesting people, and get paid.

Travel nurses receive travel benefits: great pay, free housing, travel opportunities, and so much more. TravelNursing.org lists all of the benefits, opportunities, and jobs available to those willing to become a travel nurse.They teach you how to get started, what you can expect, let you search jobs by state, and answer questions that many people have when considering a career in travel nursing. In fact, you can even apply for a scholarship while you are on their website.

I think travel nursing would be difficult if you have a family, but if you are single and have nothing holding you back, you should definitely check into travel nursing. The perfect place to start doing just that is on TravelNursing.org.*

Do you know anyone that is a travel nurse? Have you ever considered becoming one? Would you consider it?

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