Having a hard time tracking the kick counts tonight….

As I type this, I’ve got my kickTrak Kick Counter sitting right beside my keyboard. Only problem is, I’m not sure if I should use it to time the contractions, or the actual kicks/movements. The contractions are coming one on top of the other. I’m not worried about it, because it’s a proven fact that I can’t dilate on my own, but I am concerned, because Parker won’t move whenever the contractions are coming. The timer says 27 minutes, and I’ve got 3 kicks down. But, about a dozen contractions. And not little dinky contractions, either.

Sigh. Thanks to Lucy, Zander, AND Jace, I have not slept since last Saturday night (not 2 nights ago!). They are all up a dozen times a night (at least), and never at the same time. Which means that just as I put my head on my pillow, someone else is up. It’s been like this all week, and if I don’t get some sleep soon, I am going to have to check myself into the looney bin. Now, all I want to do is lie down and get some sleep (which I can’t, because Lucy is STILL awake), but I’m afraid that if I do get to lie down, the contractions will keep me up.

It’s a battle I just can’t win. If anyone has any tips on kids who will not sleep through the night, I’d love to hear them. And don’t recommend any books. I’ve read and tried them all. So not kidding, either.

Wish me luck. 5 hours of sleep would be heaven tonight.

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    SissyMerks says:

    My little guy pulls this once in a while too. Have you tried a radio playing very softly. That is what I do for Loughin and it seems to help.

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    Well, if it ever got *that* bad for me, I think I would just “let them stay up” and watch movies in the living room. They’ll think they’re getting to stay up all night, but they *will* fall asleep. Then, I think I would just leave them there all night, maybe sleep on the couch myself.
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    Jonny's Mommy says:

    If I knew I wouldn’t be so wiped myself.

    I hope things go OK with the baby and you can keep up with his kicks and everything goes OK!

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