Help Name the Comforts Brand Firefly and WIN!

Pick the winning name for the Comforts Brand Baby Formula Firefly and win a $10,000 scholarship for your baby!

Kroger-owned food stores are holding a contest that can help fund your child’s college education. Moms and dads across America can help Comforts store brand baby formula name its Firefly mascot and win a $10,000 college scholarship.

We all like contests, right? Well, this is a fantastic contest sponsored by the Comforts Brand Baby Formula that anyone can enter. $10,000 could go a long way!

Before I tell you what name I picked for the absolutely adorable firefly, I want to give you some information about the formula. I am *super* picky about what kind of formula I will feed my babies, and after reading all of the facts about the Comforts Brand Baby Food, I am definitely impressed!

First, they fortify the formula with iron. It also contains all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for a healthy first year of baby’s life. Secondly, it contains the lipids DHA and ARA which are associated with infant mental and visual development. Thirdly, it is fortified with choline: a nutrient that is found naturally in breast milk and is associated with infant development. It also contains lactose which is a carbohydrate also occurring naturally in breast milk. The formula provides nutrients that are found naturally in breast milk that help develop the immune system. And, lastly, (and definitely one of the most important!!), the formula is manufactured to exacting FDA standards in the only ISO 9001:2000 – certified, infant formula-manufacturing facility in the United States. Their formula contains all the essential ingredients that must be in infant formula as dictated by the FDA and required by the Infant Formula Act.

Definitely a product I could stand behind. Sounds like they go to the extreme when it comes to keeping their formula (and my baby!) safe.

Ok, so I’m sure you’re dying to know what name I picked, right? I entered the contest and I picked the name Buzzle. Why Buzzle, you ask? Because Buzzle rhymes with Snuzzle, and Snuzzle makes me think of Snuggle which is a lovable thing I like to do with my kids. The little firefly is definitely lovable, so the name fits perfectly. 🙂

Yes, I’m weird. But that’s the first name that popped into my head. What about you? Think you can come up with a better name? Well, then, stop by Comforts for Baby and enter the contest yourself. Why not? You might win a $10,000 scholarship! But you have to hurry! The contest ends July 31st!

Additional Contest Info:
During the Contest Period, you may enter the contest online by visiting You must include all information requested on the online entry form, including the original name you created for the Comforts firefly, in 25 characters or less. The winning entry and the name of the winner will be announced online after September 21, 2009.

Visit for more information and contest rules.


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