Hey, Mommy!

This evening, Parker was having a screaming fit at church, so I took him and Lucy down to the nursery. Lucy has this weird habit that she has to put her hands up someone’s sleeve and rub their arms. She’ll do her own sleeves if she has to. Well, tonight, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, and the sleeves were way too tight for her to get her arms inside. She had taken off her sweater and left it in the sanctuary, and her dress was sleeveless. That left only one pair of sleeves: Parker’s!

She put her hands up Parker’s sleeves, and it made him crazy. He HAS to suck on his hands at all times, and with her hands up his sleeves, he couldn’t reach his mouth. He started screaming, and I said, “That crazy Lulu! What is she doing to you, you poor baby?!”

Lucy turned to me and snapped, “Hey, Mommy! My no crazy! Ashley crazy!”

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  1. 1
    The Stevens Family says:

    That is hilarious! My gosh, your kids are scary smart!

  2. 2
    skoots1mom says:

    so cute…
    how funny!

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