Holiday Guide: Gracie’s Gift {Book Review}

Lucy and I have a new favorite book. It’s called Gracie’s Gift, written by Andrea Trosclair and illustrated by Sean Gautreaux.

We have probably read this book about a million times, and I am not exaggerating. I’ve memorized it word for word, and it is simply the sweetest story about the relationship between a mother and daughter that I have ever read.Gracie's Gift

The book starts off with Gracie preparing for her birthday celebration. She’s got a beautiful dress all ready to go, but there’s one more thing: a bow for her hair. Gracie doesn’t understand why she always has to wear a bow. In the book, Gracie’s mother explains that on every gift is a matching bow. She goes on to explain that the bows in Gracie’s hair symbolize the fact that Gracie is God’s gift to her. Every day when she puts the bow in Gracie’s hair, she thanks God for His wonderful gift.

The first time I read the story to Lucy, she asked me if that’s why I always put bows in her hair. I have since she was a baby. But, honestly? I had never thought of it that way until I read Gracie’s Gift. Now, I find myself whispering a prayer of thanks as a brush Lucy’s hair and – yep, you guessed it – put a bow in her hair.

Lucy loves this book so much that she even sleeps with it right beside her. {Which was great until she got the stomach flu last night. Now I’ll be buying her a new copy.} It’s the first thing we read together in the morning, and the last thing we read at night…. and about a hundred times throughout the day. But, no matter how many times I read it {or quote it!}, I never get tired of it. I have always thought of my children as gifts from the Lord, but this book just put it into an entirely new perspective.

Lucy & Gracie's GiftI have 4 boys and 2 girls – and only one of those girls will still wear a bow in her hair. So, since I can’t put bows atop each of their heads, I find a different way to stop what I’m doing and just thank the Lord daily for each one of them. I pray for them daily when I have my quiet time, but I also like taking a moment just to whisper “Thanks” during the day as well. After all, these gifts grow up way too quickly, and before I know it, I’ll be praying for them and their children.

I would highly recommend this book to any mom with a little girl {or girls}. It is a sweet book that I am certain you will enjoy. This would make the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for your little girl.

To learn more about the book Gracie’s Gift and the author Andrea Trosclair, visit Andrea’s website at You can also purchase the book on the website while you’re there, or I found it on Amazon for $16.95 and eligible for free super saver shipping.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of “Gracie’s Gift” from Trosclair Tales in order to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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