Homeschooling No More

With a heavy heart, I spent yesterday registering my kids for public school. It’s something that I swore I would never do, but I feel that it’s something that needs to be done.

I did not rush into this decision lightly. In fact, the very opposite. I have spent hours on my knees in prayer, begging for His direction. I’ve cried more tears that one would even think possible. I have gone over the pros and cons with my husband about a million times. And after all that, I know that I’m doing the right thing for my family.

So, what makes someone so certain she should homeschool her family break down and register her kids for public school? There are several reasons:

  1. The lack of social skills and activities. While my kids have quite a few really good friends at church, my kids need more time during the day with other kids. I want them to have sleepovers, play sports, and participate in the social activities that other kids get to do. I’ve watched Zander sink farther and farther into his shell over the past 2 years, and I want to pull him out of that. I want him playing, learning, and being with kids his own age. Same goes for Ashley and Jace. I think it will do them both good to be back in a school social setting.
  2. Ashley’s grades this year have proven to me that she is too easily distracted and is not paying attention when I teach her. I think it has to do with the fact that I am her teacher, and she’s a tween. It’s hard enough to get her to listen to me about normal stuff, getting her to listen during school is even more difficult. But after watching her grades dip into the toilet, it’s time she get back into a structured school setting.
  3. I need a break. There. I said it. I’m human. I need 10 minutes to myself here and there. As it stands, I am with all 5 of my kids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is exhausting. Does it mean I don’t love my kids? Not at all. I adore every single one of them. But, I love ice cream, too. Doesn’t mean I’m going to eat it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I can already feel the flames from the other homeschooling moms. Yes, I gave up. Not without a fight. Believe me, if I could keep my kids at home and see them learning and progressing in the right way, I would have continued homeschooling forever. But, the cons of homeschooling have outweighed the pros, and my prayers have been answered in a different way than I had hoped for. I hope this doesn’t make you think less of me. My husband says I worry too much about what other people think, and he’s exactly right.

So, August 5th, 2010, Ashley will enter middle school, Zander will join a 2nd grade class, and Jace will be off to Kindergarten. I’m still debating if I want to register Lucy for Pre-K or not. She really wants to go, but I’d really like to have her at home one more year. We’ve really got to kick our butts in gear, though, because we’re not even close to done with this year of schooling!

Wish us luck in this adventure. It’s certainly going to be interesting.

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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    Anonymous says:

    ((((HUGS)))) Angie! I know what a difficult decision this has been for you just because I know you. After reading your post, I can see the diligence by which you made this decision. Sometimes when we pray for an answer, it's not always the one we want. Follow where He leads and be confident in the fact that no matter what anyone else says, you are leading your children on the path that He has laid before you.

    You are a fabulous mom and I give you SO much credit for homeschooling as long as you have. I know that I could never have done it (mostly for the reasons you had trouble with Ash).

    Heck–my girls have these bridging books to do this summer and a math packet–it's part of a Principal's Challenge at school and if they complete the work, they get a huge reward next September. I can already see the fights that will ensue when I start working with them on the books. Especially Sarah who still has fine motor/writing difficulty.

    Hang in there and forget about what everyone else says or thinks. The important people fully support your decision–your God, your husband and you. Love you!!!!! (I miss you SOO much!!!) Lisa J.

    PS–I'm commenting as anonymous because I can't remember my id! lol!! Need coffee!!!!

  2. 2

    BIG HUGS for you! I can so feel your pain and your relief and all of those inbetween emotions that its so hard to express. I just did the same thing. I've been homeschooling my son, but this year he will be going back to public school.
    Don't beat yourself up and dont worry about what others think. Only God and you know what is right for your family. And who knows? Maybe this is the oppertunity God is giving you to share HIS words, wisdom and will with someone else who needs it?

  3. 3
    Courtney Fisk says:

    We can be failures together. 😉 I totally understand where you are coming from. I gave it the best shot possible. I was only doing kindergarten and my eldest fought me day in and day out. School has done wonders. And if I know you, you will be envolved. You are not an ignorent parent. You care and will know exactly what is going on at school. God has you children in the palm of his hand, rest in that!

  4. 4
    Heather L. says:

    Angie, don't beat yourself up over this! I think I am a pretty good mom, and I love my kids more than life, but there is NO WAY I could homeschool them!!! You gave it your best and I know you didn't enter into the decision to stop lightly. My kids have thrived in public schools, and I wouldn't change a thing about their education thus far.

    Big (((HUGS))) to you!

    PS – watch for an email coming from me very soon =)

  5. 5
    Courtney (Women Living Well) says:

    Girrrrlllll…you are being too hard on yourself! What a wonderful mommy you have been to bring them home and spend the time side by side with them homeschooling.

    NOw God is doing a new thing in your family- that is not failure – that is doing what is best for each person in your family.

    Do not fear what anyone thinks of you! There's only one to please – God (and then your sweet hubby! 🙂

    May God Bless your sweet peas as they start a new chapter!
    Much Love,

  6. 6

    Your decisions regarding your childrens' education seem very thoughtful and with what's best for your family as a priority. I wish you the best, homeschooling is not for everyone, just like vocational school, University, sports, drama, etc, etc, isn't for everyone. I think people put down other people's choices because of their own jealousy and insecurity.
    Gosh, it's hard for me to get worked up over other folks' opinions of me, I'm a long time RN and have horror stories about parents and relatives treating children, so the choice of educational venue seems just so pathetic.
    God Bless.

  7. 7
    Kari Day says:

    Oh you are a wonderful mom. I can just tell. I wish you and your family the best of experiences this next school year. I am sure they will do great.

    I struggled with the decision too. I ended up deciding to put mine in a really good Private Christian school in our area. It does take a commitment to the tuition costs, but it was what was best for my family.

    Because of changes I made in what I do for a living, I am able to put my older ones in the private school and still stay home with my littlest one.

    Blessings to you!

    I am a new follower (I found you on FB)My blog is at

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    Andee Casey says:

    I can certainly empathize with you…and I am excited for this new 'season' in life for your family. I homeschooled my oldest for a couple of years. I have many, many homeschooling friends (including my own Mom)…While Hannah-Grace was definitely exposed to a lot of 'social' experiences, I could never re-create what a school system provides. I personally think it's a much more difficult road to release our kiddos and send them to school. I cannot tell you how great her experience has been this year. Yes, there have been those tough moments with bullies and such…but, it's been so good for her to experience 'the real world'. It has made her much more confident and able to jump in with many different groups. She has already learned lots of good life lessons…to be a light and to be 'in the world but not of it'. I'm about to send my 2nd one in the fall. It certainly helps to remember that our kids are His. He formed them and protected them all those months in our wombs- when we had no control. He will be faithful!

  9. 9

    Please relax. You're a good mom and your kids love you and you two love them. They will be fine. I know many die-hard homeschoolers who would totally agree that it's not for every kid. Allow yourself to breathe and give yourself a pat on the back for listening to God even when he's telling you something you don't want to hear. 🙂

  10. 10
    lfhpueblo says:

    At least where I live, homeschooled children can be taken to the regular schools for selective classes if wanted, e.g. art, or gym. They can participate in all the sports activities too.
    The schools just have to have it all lined up before each new school year starts.
    Yet, like you said if your child isn't going to listen to mom anymore, than they just aren't going to progress in learning. I think you're timing is right for your children if you are going to do the switch over. You've prayed, discussed and weighed the options, so don't worry about what others think. You want the best for your children and that's what really counts.

  11. 11
    Darcie K. says:

    Don't beat yourself up over it. You need this and the kids need it. Not only will your kids make new friends, but you will too. I joined the PTA and met some of my very best friends by doing volunteer work at the school. Best of luck to you!

  12. 12

    I am a homeschooling mom…I KNOW how exhausting and frustrating it can be. I even know what it feels like to want to quit. However, I do NOT consider you quitting or failing. You have good reasons to readjust your lifestyle. You have prayed about it, discussed it with your husband and feel led to make the decision you did. That, my friend, makes you an amazing mom willing to do what it takes to make your family a success. YOU are a success NOT a failure. Do NOT beat yourself up or feel like you failed. The years you spent were vital and had a positive impact but that time is gone…and now a new chapter is opening up. Get excited! Who knows what wonderful blessings God has in store for your family. I tell people every year that I never know if I will homeschool the next…why? Because I don't make that decision…God does. Celebrate your new life! 🙂 I pray for the best blessings for you and your family. And if some homeschooling mom thinks you quit or gave up…pooey…a real mom does what her family needs not what makes her feel good. 🙂 Best to you and yours.

  13. 13

    (((HUGS))) If there was one thing I would teach every female alive it is that YOU are the one you have to live with 24/7/365 for your entire life and no one else can possibly know what is best for you and your family.

    I homeschooled before it was popular or there was much curriculum available and it is not for the faint of heart. Neither is making the decision to send them back- I had no choice as I was really touch and go with my health and surgeries etc and guess what- they are great young adults.

    You asked for guidance and got it, so don't let what anyone (including me) says get to you, KNOW in your heart you made the right decision for this time in your life and will continue to do so as long as you remember to have faith that when you ask you will be answered.

    As others have said it is not necessarily the answer we would have given ourselves, but when that happens with me it just makes me even more certain it was the right one.

    Enjoy your summer, and then enjoy your children being in school. We're rooting for you and them.

  14. 14
    christy Bates says:

    Just found your blog via a search about putting kids back into school after homeschooling. I'm in the same boat. I completely understand and though you don't know me, know that I'll pray for you on this journey. We'll have to keep hs'ing through Christmas because of where we are stationed now. The schools here are HORRIBLE! But when we move in January, we'll be putting the girls into a DOD or public school.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and being brave enough to be real! I applaud you for that!

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