Honey Kix: 5 Vinez Monkeys Tested, Monkey Mama Approved (CLOSED)

MyBlogSpark sent me an absolutely awesome pack from Honey Kix. It contained a coupon for a free box of Honey Kix, a honey jar, a cereal bowl, a container to take our cereal and milk on the go, and a wonderful big container for keeping cereal fresh at home.

Before I dive into our review of the product, let me tell you a bit about the nutritional value of Honey Kix. In a serving size of 1 1/4 cups of cereal, (which is plenty big for my crew!), there are only 120 calories. There’s no saturated fat or trans fat, and only 6g of sugar. It is an excellent source of fiber, contains 16g of Whole Grain, and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.

With all that good stuff, that means it’s not going to taste good at all, right?


Monkey Mama’s Review of Honey Kix
I am not a fan of regular Kix. My kids really like it, but I just don’t. It’s too blah to me. I was pretty skeptical of the Honey Kix at first, thinking that it would taste about the same as the regular Kix. Boy, was I ever wrong. The sweet taste of honey made all the difference in the world.

I also like the nutritional value that Honey Kix has. I’m always looking for more ways to get more fiber into my kids’ diets and increase their intake of whole grains. My kids are some of the pickiest on earth, so this is rarely an easy task.

I paid close attention to the serving size listed on the side of the cereal box. After all, if it’s that low in sugar and calories, it means they must have lowered the serving size, right? Nope. 1 1/4 cup is the perfect size for my kids. It fits just perfectly in their kid-sized bowls, and it’s enough to give them a good breakfast and an excellent start to their day.

Now, I know that you’re dying to know what my kids had to say about Honey Kix.

Vinez Monkeys Review of Honey Kix
Ashley said, “Wow! This tastes really good. I like it better than original Kix.”

Jace and Lucy were too busy gobbling it up to even answer my questions on how much they liked it. I’ll take it as two thumbs up from them.

I got Zander’s reaction on video… there’s just something about actually watching a kid’s natural reaction to a new product.

Did you notice that he was way too busy inhaling the cereal to even talk to me? He didn’t want to talk, he wanted to EAT. And eat, he did! He loved the cereal.

I love that my kids love new Honey Kix and that it’s good for them. I have a feeling this will quickly become a new staple in our house!

Want to try Honey Kix for Yourself?
MyBlogSpark is letting me give away a Honey Kix prize pack to one of my readers! Wooohooo!

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