Hope Faith and Charlie (Book Review)

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, and with that, I’d like to tell you about book that details the lives of one family who faced the battle of a young child with cancer.

About Hope Faith and Charlie

John & Deirdre Capodanno had been married for five years and were the doting parents of two beautiful, happy and healthy sons, Jay, age two, and Charlie, who was just shy of six-months old. Life was good: they had a strong marriage, solid careers, a comfortable home, and a beautiful little family created out of love. Then the sky fell in. In an instant, their life together was turned upside down with the discovery that Charlie had a massive brain tumor. Further diagnosis would uncover a rare form of brain and spine cancer that would more than likely take his precious life far too soon.

My Review of Hope Faith and Charlie

I have had the opportunity to work with Deirdre on many PR related projects over the last few months. Recently, she reached out to me on a personal level and asked if I would be willing to read her book and share it with my readers. How could I turn it down?

I started reading the book the day I received it, and I had finished it by the next day. I stayed up almost all night reading because I couldn’t put it down. I laughed, I cried, and there were even tears of joy. Charlie’s story is truly inspiring, to say the least, and his story proves that we can believe in miracles.

Deirdre did an excellent job of writing this book. You can tell that she poured her heart and soul into every word on every page. I felt like I was right there, standing along side her and her family as they battled Charlie’s cancer head on.

The tests, the surgeries, and the treatments Charlie had to face are more than any child should have to endure. The family’s never-give-up attitude and determination are enough to encourage and inspire even the most skeptical.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read. If you know a family that has a child battling cancer, or if you just want to be encouraged and inspired by a very tough little boy and his family, this book is a must read. I think it would also make a really great Book Club book. Check out their website, www.hopefaithandcharlie.com for more information, photos, and so much more. This is one family everyone should get the opportunity to meet.

Want to Buy Hope Faith and Charlie?
You can purchase the book through their website (through authorhouse), or through Amazon.
10% of all earnings from this book will be donated to the Floating Hospital for Children’s Cancer Center in Boston.

Thank you, Deirdre, for allowing me a peek into your amazing family. You and your boys are amazing.

A free copy of the book was given to me in exchange for my opinions. I did not receive any compensation, and my opinions are my own.

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    working in the medical feild it was really hard for me to read this,even when I knew the ending. I loved it my husband who never reads started reading it on vaction last year ,he has a child with special needs.He found so many points an experiences that matched his.Pick it up and renew your faith!

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    I have also read Hope Faith and Charlie and can honestly say that it is one of the most inspiring books I've read. I would highly recommend this book to others….it truly is an incredible story.

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    This is a beautiful book and anyone who reads it will be amazed by the strength of the entire family. Quite a read for those of us who can't imagine what we'd do if it happened to us. Very life-affirming & inspirational.
    Cheryl H.

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    Hope, Faith and Charlie is an incredible story of love, dedication and determination which inspires long after the last page is read.

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    I read this book as well. At first I was fearful, because the content sounded so sad, but with every chapter, I swear, I learned a new life lesson. Yes, a book about a baby with cancer is hard to read, but I walked away feeling inspired & blessed. And when I hug my kids now, sometimes I give them an extra long squeeze.

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    Such an amazing, inspiring story of a strong little boy with so much heart and an unbelievable will to live. This book leaves you in awe of the strength of a mother's love and makes you feel truly blessed. Definitely worth a read!!

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    For anyone that has seen a loved one battle cancer, this story is an inspriation, and can help you find peace and renew your faith in miracles!

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    Hope, Faith and Charlie is a story that touches you at the core. It moves you in a way that you can't understand until you've experienced the book. Deirdre's journey with her family is one of heartbreak and joy. It's a must read.

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