How to Make a Large Bow (Tutorial)

I will start out this post by warning you that this post will be loaded with pictures, so it may take some time to load. But, I want to give you step-by-step instructions to make it even easier for you.

Ok! Let’s get started! The instructions will be posted above each picture.

Materials Needed:

Large Roll of Wired Ribbon (I used 2″ x 75′. This will make quite a few bows.)
Florist Wire (Silver is best, all my Walmart had was green.)
Wire Cutters (optional. Mine are also tweezers, and I use them to twist the wire tighter around the ribbon.)


1. Decide how long you want the “tail” of your bow. (I always tend to make mine longer than I should – it’s easier to cut off more at the end than it is to start all over because it’s too short.)



2. Make your first loop. (This will determine how big your bow is. The larger the loop, the larger the bow.) Pinch the ribbon together at the end of the loop.



3. Make your second loop on the opposite side. Continue pinching the ribbon together in the middle.



4. Continue until you have as many loops as you’d like. (For this bow, I wanted 8 loops.)



5. Cut a long piece of wire, and then fold it in half for extra stability.



6. Wrap the wire around the area you’ve been pinching all this time. (Use wire cutters/tweezers to get the wire twisted as tightly as possible.) Do NOT cut the excess wire. You’ll need it in a minute.



7. To form the little center loop, use ribbon from the side of the ribbon you haven’t cut yet and make a small loop.


8. Use the extra wire that’s still on the bow and wrap it through the smaller loop to secure the loop to the rest of the bow.




9.  Secure with extra wire. (Optional: I do this if I know I will be putting the bow somewhere that it will be taking a lot of abuse – on an outdoor wreath, on a package, etc.)



10. “Floof” the loops and shape them exactly how you want them.



11. Cut the second tail from the roll of ribbon at the same length as the first tail. Then, cut each tail at an angle as shown below to make an upside down V shape. Repeat for each side. (To ensure they are exactly the same, you can put both tails together and cut at the same time.)



Tada! You have a finished bow!


These bows can be used on just about anything… gifts, wreaths, doors, you name it. Tomorrow I’ll share a fun wreath project that needs a pretty bow like this.

You can easily make a bow in under 5 minutes. Now all my friends know my secret, and they know why I have so many bows all over my living room. 🙂

I’d love to see your finished bows if you use this tutorial!

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