I am just not feeling well today!

I tell you what, being sick when you’re not pregnant is miserable. BUT, when you’re not pregnant, you can take any form of medication you choose and not feel as miserable as you would otherwise.

However, when you are pregnant, that all changes. You can’t grab your miracle drug of choice, (for me, it’s Motrin or Excedrin Migraine), and you are stuck taking Tylenol which does absolutely nothing.

So, here I sit. Sneezing, and coughing, and my head just throbbing. Gene took the kids to church, so at least it’s quiet, but I want some relief.

Ok, ok. I know many of the readers here have kids of their own, and you don’t want to hear my whining, but I had to get it out somewhere. I’ll stop now. And, I’ll just remember, “This too shall pass.”

Angie Vinez (2894 Posts)

Angie is a wife and mother to 8. Her life revolves around cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household duties. She is passionate about her life in Christ and wants to encourage other mothers in their own walk of faith. Angie is active on many social media networks, loves technology, photography, and graphic design, and loves creating blog designs for other mom bloggers.


  1. 1
    Danielle says:

    Are you anemic? I was anemic by that point in my pregnancy, and started taking slow FE pills, plus the prenatal vitamins. It helped my immune system a LOT.

  2. 2
    Teresa KK says:

    It could be worse. You could be sick and FREEZING in Ohio! 😉
    Hope you get well soon!

  3. 3
    SissyMerks says:

    Sorry you don’t feel good. I hope you can get some rest. Feeel better.

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