I broke our toilet.

That’s right. I really, truly broke our toilet.

Do you know how bad it is to break a toilet when you have 5 children, and the only other available toilet isn’t really available because it’s attached to the room where your husband sleeps all day?

So not cool.

And how does one actually break a toilet? Well, it’s been giving us some trouble for a few weeks now. The handle was really hard to push down. It flushed, but half the time I would have to go in after the kids and flush it for them. That’s what happened today. Jace went to the bathroom, and then I went in to flush. When I pushed the handle down, it fell off. The plastic piece that supports it snapped right in half.

I am not a plumber, so I don’t know if this is a costly mistake or not. Hubby hasn’t gotten up yet today, and he’s unaware of the toilet fiasco. We had to run errands today, so at least the kids had public toilets (ick!) to use.

I cannot believe this happened. This house is crap. Everything is already falling apart, and we’ve lived here for a year and a half. Shoddy workmanship and cheap crap went into the making of this house, I’m convinced.

Anywho – that’s the excitement around here today. And, Sabrina, if you’re reading this, we may be driving to house to go potty if hubby doesn’t wake up soon!

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    I don’t think this is expensive to fix, this happened to us in a rental house. Gosh, night shift takes its toll on everybody.

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    should not be an expensive or timely fix, hubby was a maintenance man and is handy with a toilet–with four growing boys i am sure that it will be a handy skill one of these days….good luck!

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    Things seem to be going wrong with toilets lately! I just posted about ours yesterday.

    Good luck getting things fixed.

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    Natalie says:

    Ugh!!! At our old house, we had ONE toilet. One time, Alec decided to take some of those big Mega Blocks into the bathroom with him while he was perched on the toilet. Can you see where I’m going with this? Well, he failed to tell either Shaun or me that he had dropped some in there…and then FLUSHED. They got hung up in there so bad that Shaun had to take the entire toilet off, my sister and her (ex)DH (both plumbers) came out, and hours and hours later we thought we were going to have to go buy a whole new toilet, but even Lowe’s was closed by this point. Finally, they got the idea to use an acetylene torch to melt them out. Seriously. So ex-BIL had to go back to their house to get it and come back. FINALLY, the blocks were freed and the toilet was fixed. I have a picture on my old hard drive of the toilet sitting in our open front door, LOL! (That’s where they put it to melt out the plastic blocks.) That would make a good Wordless Wednesday, eh?

    Unfortunately, I’m not the plumber, but I would guess that you could just replace the handle. Good luck! I’m SO glad we have THREE toilets in this house 😉

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    Jennifer says:

    Oh no! That’s terrible! I hope it gets fixed, for CHEAP, soon! I know what it’s like to have a toilet out of commission!

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    cbdkndmom says:

    It’s not a costly fix Angie, and really easy to replace. I’m sorry things seem to be falling apart around you. That really stinks (no pun intended).

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