I have been searching EVERYWHERE…

for a nursing cover that isn’t only pretty, but it’s also affordable. There are SO many nursing covers out there, and most are ugly and cheap looking, or they are gorgeous but cost a million dollars!

And then, today, I found LovedBaby.com! I am SO in love with these! I love the brown, and the green, and the blue, and the cream! They’re just so pretty!! And, look at the price! Easily affordable.

I’ve nursed 3 babies so far, and each time, finding a private spot to nurse, or a way to cover up without baby pulling off the cover has been next to impossible. I am a VERY modest person, and I don’t like just whipping my boob out for anyone to see. I remember when I was nursing Lucy, I would get SO frustrated because there just isn’t anywhere private to nurse, and if you do it in public, you get these horrible stares. At the church we were first going to when we had Lucy, they didn’t have any rooms without windows. Men were always poking their heads in the windows, or opening the doors and just walking right in the room, regardless of how discreet I was trying to be. I got so frustrated, I just gave up. Of course, we soon started another church, and wouldn’t you know it? They had a big, private nursing room. By that time it was too late, though. Why can’t more public places be as considerate?

Anyway, I wanted to share those nursing covers with the expectant moms out there. And, if you hurry, you can enter MomDot.com’s contest to try and win one.

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    3 Kids and Us says:

    Those are pretty!

    For me, I’m too hairbrained to remember to bring one with me. I just nurse where ever, if someone doesn’t like it they get an earfull from me. 🙂

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