I love old people.

Really, I do.

Although, I’m not liking the old man in Rite Aid today so much.

I ran to Rite Aid to pick up my prescription. Parker had cried the entire way there, and he fell asleep just moments before we got there. I get in line at the pharmacy, and they had screwed up the guy’s prescriptions in front of me. He turned around and kept apologizing for holding up the line, and was very, very nice.

While standing in line, I put Parker’s carseat on the ground. Those things get heavy fast! All of a sudden, another old man walks over to the car seat, crouches down, and begins talking to Parker in the loudest voice one can imagine. Remember when you were told as a kid to use your indoor voice? Yeah. This guy had no clue what that meant.

He finally walks away from Parker, (who was still sleeping, praise the LORD!), and proceeds to stand right in front of me. He was talking with the other old man in front of me, so stupid me just assumed they were together. Well, they weren’t. As soon as they finished up with the first guy, the second guy tells them what HE needs. They had, of course, also screwed up HIS prescription, so we stood there another 10 minutes waiting for them to fix it! In this 10 minutes, the old man in front of me turns around and says, “I wish I could say that I didn’t mean to cut in front of you. But, I did.”

Are you freaking kidding me? I’m sorry, but that’s just rude. Really rude. So, being the Christian woman that I am, I laughed politely and said, “Well, then you’re really lucky you didn’t wake my baby.”

What did I really want to say? Well, I can’t post that on this blog, because I have family and friends who read this, and I don’t want to ruin my testimony. LOL. But, honestly, I would have loved to have given that old man a good tongue lashing!

I know that this old man didn’t want to stand in line and wait on his prescriptions, but come on. To use a baby to jump ahead in line? Ridiculous. And irritating.

Oh, and Rite Aid screwed up MY prescriptions, too. They were really on the ball today!

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