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Once again, I have signed up to teach Vacation Bible School this year. I am super excited, especially this year, because I’ve got *the* best helper in my class room. Remember last year when I asked you for help with the winter theme? This year, our theme is Under the Sea, and it is going to be awesome. All the bright colors, and just so much we can do!

Ms. Sabrina (my awesome helper this year!) and I spent a couple of hours going over our (OK, her) ideas of ways we can make our room the best decorated room in the church. So far, our plan is to hang dark blue sheets on all the walls. On the ceiling, we’ll hang net lights and cover them with the big bubble bubble-wrap (to give it that “reflection-y” feeling). We’ll have tons of bright colored fish, things hanging from the ceiling, and more. We’ll have 2 large treasure chests overflowing with fake jewels. We’re even talking about cutting out seats to look like coral and having the kids sit on those. General decorating ideas are flowing like crazy. (Sabrina rocks!)

But there’s one area that’s got us stumped. On the door to the room, we want to have a big open shark’s mouth. (So that it looks like you’re walking through a shark’s mouth to get into the room. But, how do I make that happen? What can I use to shape the top and bottom of the shark’s mouth? I keep thinking of the cake shows where they can carve cake to look like almost anything. There’s got to be some kind of material (foam? styrofoam? cardboard?) that I can cut and shape to look like a shark, right?

What do you think? Can you visualize it in your head? I can, but it’s driving me crazy that I can’t figure out how it could work. How can I make this a reality? I’m going to do it, one way or another, but I figured my wonderful readers might have some tips or ideas for accomplishing it in a better (or easier!) way.

And if you’ve got any other ideas for making our room the ultimate “under the sea” adventure room, I want to hear them. Help me make my room the best room ever and encourage kids to come back every night and hear the gospel.

Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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    Kimberly says:

    A small coral reef along the wall. Make sure the shark isn't too scary. I personally would not want to enter a room that I have to walk through a sharks mouth, even now as an adult.

  2. 2
    Natalie says:

    I would look into getting the foam that is used in upholstery (probably at a fabric store or somewhere like that)… you could probably cut that into the shape & use gray fabric to make it look like a shark and maybe felt for [tiny, not scary] teeth!

    Just an idea! Sounds like a great theme!

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