I won the BEST gift ever! :)

Not that my hips, thighs, or butt NEEDED to win this, but I plan to enjoy it!

Over on MomDot, I won the contest hosted by the Cookie Boutique. (I blogged about it previously here.) I couldn’t believe it when I won – and then REALLY couldn’t believe it when they tried to give them away to someone else later! LOL! No worries, though, there was a huge mix up, and I was still crowned the winner of the cookies.

They came in the mail today. I hadn’t told the kids what was coming, so they didn’t have a clue.

When I got the box, I immediately had to open it. Inside, I found a gorgeous gift box, beautifully packaged.
I opened it up, and there was a sweet little card from Darlene (the Cookie Boutique Owner), and more beautiful packaging.
I opened up the tissue paper, and could instantly smell all of the cookies. I’m pretty sure it’s what heaven is going to smell like.
We got 6 different designs: A mummy, a tombstone, a witches hat, candy corn, Frankenstein, and a pumpkin. They are SO stinking adorable, that you almost don’t want to eat them. Almost.
And we didn’t get just ONE of each design, we got TWO!
By this point, the kids were dying. Cookies IN THE MAIL?! They thought that was just the coolest thing ever. I let them each have their pick. Lucy grabbed the “Mommy,” Zander went straight for Frankenstein, Jace wanted the pumpkin, Ash ate the candy corn, and I had the witches hat. (And then I had the tombstone later. LOL!) And for the record, the cookies tasted AMAZING. Seriously. It’s a good thing I’m broke, because I could eat my weight in these cookies… and that’s a LOT of cookies! 😉

Here are the kids enjoying their cookies: (And, yes. They are still in their pajamas at 2pm. We’ve been stuck at home since I got home from the hospital with Parker, and none of us ever get motivated enough to get dressed – unless we’re going to have company which doesn’t happen very often.) Anyway, ignore the jammies and just look at their very happy little faces:

A HUGE thank you to MomDot.com and Darlene at the Cookie Boutique. I’ve hidden the other 6 cookies and am keeping them all for myself.

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    3 Kids and Us says:

    Ohhhhh those look so yummy…I’ll admit I’m jealous. LOL

  2. 2

    Congratulations. Your good luck strikes again. Looks like the kids enjoyed the cookies.

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