Introducing Trebellina & Friends! (Review)

Thanks to Parent Reviewers, I had the opportunity to review a copy of Trebellina.

Music is a very important part of our lives. With each of my children, I have tried to instill a love for music. I wish I had this DVD when Ashley was a baby. She has always wanted to learn to read music and understand rhythm and pitch, but she has such a hard time with it.

The first time I put Trebellina in, none of the kids moved. They were completely enthralled. Then, the next thing I knew, they were up dancing in front of the tv and singing right along. We’ve watched it a dozen times in the last week and Lucy still stands right in front of the tv, laughing, dancing, and singing right along. She can now name the instruments, say all of the notes in order, counts rhythm, and can even sing most of the notes completely on key! I’m amazed at what she has learned in the short time we’ve had Trebellina.

Lucy isn’t the only one who loves Trebellina. Jace and Zander are big fans, too. They dance along with Lucy and will name the notes when the letters are shown. My husband thinks it’s hysterical to watch Zander dancing like a ballerina during the classical music portions. I think it’s fantastic that Zander (and the rest of the kids) are enjoying music and want to hear more!

Want to know the best part about Trebellina? She’s appealing to adults, too! I don’t mind sitting and watching Trebellina with the kids – or dancing right along with them. There are many children’s videos that are supposed to be educational, but I honestly can’t stand to hear them. I don’t have that problem when Trebellina is in the DVD player.

Trebellina has won many awards and accolades from “noteworthy” organizations, including Dr. Toy, iParenting Media, Aegis, Dove and The National Parenting Center.

Here are some benefits of music, taken from the Trebellina website:
Music is a language. Like any other language, the young mind can acquire it. While learning any language is beneficial, there are distinct advantages to early music training.

Music promotes cognitive development. Neurological research in the area of brain development demonstrates the far-reaching beneficial effect of music introduced early in life. The connections among the brains’ billions of neurons are maintained, strengthened and extended by use in early childhood.

Music is processed in both the right and left hemispheres of the brain and brings about the use of higher brain functions. In particular, music training develops the brain areas involved in language learning, reading and abstract thought and reasoning. Studies have shown that such brain development creates advantages in cognition for many years.

There is a plethora of other reasons to learn music. Learning a musical instrument requires individual effort and discipline (not to mention use of fine and gross motor skills). Learning to play in an ensemble develops teamwork. Moreover, learning to sing, write songs, or play a musical instrument can give a child a sense of accomplishment and serve as a productive outlet for self-expression. And, of course, music is just plain fun.

Trebellina is a great way to introduce your baby, toddler, or preschooler to music. We’re already looking forward to the release of the next video!

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