It took me until today….

to realize that I really do love breastfeeding.

I nursed Zander until he was 15 months old. At the time, I was tandem nursing both him and Jace, and it was a lot to deal with. Zander weaned himself when Jace was a little less than a month old. Jace developed a severe allergy to my milk, so I had to stop nursing him when he was around 5 months old.

With Lucy, I nursed her until she was between 4 and 6 months old. I can’t exactly remember. I had PPD really bad after Lucy was born, and I hated nursing in public. I was tired of going to the van to nurse her all the time, and I was tired of people walking in on me when I went to nurse her in another room in our church somewhere. That, and people were SO anti-nursing in public. The comments, stares, and looks were just too much for me to handle. It may have just been the PPD, but I stopped nursing her way before I really should have. I regret now not trying to push through and nurse her longer.

Because we now live in the boonies, and really have nowhere to go, AND the fact that Parker will not take a bottle, I haven’t had much choice but to breastfeed. As he was nursing today, it hit me. I really, really like this. I like knowing that I am the one providing him his daily nourishment. I like the bond that I feel with him. I am sad, though, that he will be the last baby I ever nurse, and plan to nurse him for as long as I can.

I can’t believe it took me this long – and this many kids! – to realize just how much I love this.

No, I don’t ever get a break, but in the long run, it will all be worth it. I’m sure of it.

(And please don’t think this post is against formula feeding mothers. Not at all. My oldest was ONLY formula fed, and all of my other kids have been on formula at some point in their lives. I have absolutely nothing against it at all.)

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    I am glad you enjoy it. My sister in law nursed her oldest daughter until she was 12 months and has a 4 month old and plans to do the same with her. It was never for me. I mangaged the first 6 weeks with both boys but that was all. I wish it would have been longer but it just didn’t work out.

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    A little piece of 7th heaven says:

    I am like you and absolutely love nursing…mine are for pure selfish reasons…lol..I love being able to be the ONLY one that can provide for her in that way..I am not against formula as my first two did both…but #3 I nursed only until 15 months and #4 until 18 mts and I will do the same with #5. She is 4mts now. I do not give a bottle as the last 3 want no part of it…straight to sippy..
    As far as nursing in public-I always carry a crib sheet with me in my diaper bag…I drape it over me and baby and woola-I nor baby are exposed…So, now I can nurse anywhere…Some people do not even realize there is a baby under there…So, ENJOY b/c these precious moments are fleeting..
    God Bless

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    Jewllori by Lori says:

    AMEN ANG!!! I love to breastfeed too, though it is ALWAYS a rocky start for me, it gets better, and I always do enjoy it. I bought a really really really cool poncho style nursing cover from Etsy, that covers all the way around you and looks really stylish to nurse in public, I’ll get you the link. It makes me more secure to nurse in public places! I hope we can go for as long as we can for our boys!

    p.s. I got your announcement last week, sooo adorable! Good job!!! It’s hanging on my fridge!

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    Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    I’m so happy to see posts like these. I had nursing struggles myself with my first the led to switching to formula after just 3 weeks. Then Kaydence came and it all changed for me. She was exclusvively breastfed until 14 months. The best feeling ever!

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    Awww…I miss that! You pretty much know my history and that all of mine had to be switched to formula at some point before their first year except for Lauren. I nursed her until she was over 12 months, even though by that time nursing was short and infrequent, but I just loved it. She took a bottle at first, but I was with her so much and nursed her pretty much all the time so that she eventually wouldn’t take one anymore. Even though it could be frustrating, I also thought it was also pretty cool that she only wanted her mommy, LOL! I would say that I never fully appreciated how much I loved nursing until her, either. Enjoy it, Angie, every minute. I hope I get to do it again some day!

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    Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) says:

    I never expected to love nursing… but I soon realized with my first Julia what a precious gift it is. I nursed Julia until 25 months. Sophia is already over a year and it breaks my heart to imagine stopping… but I know one day it will come… boo hoo…. I can’t bear the thought of my last baby growing up.

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