It’s like Christmas at my house!

My mailman isn’t very happy with me. I have the cookies baked and ready to go. Maybe if I give them to him tomorrow, he’ll forgive me for making him come down my driveway every day for the past week. If not, oh well, because I’m having WAY too much fun! 🙂

He brought 7 packages to my house today. Not all were Virtual Baby Shower gifts, but there were still 7 packages total that he had to deal with. Sniff, sniff. I feel so bad for him. HA! Oh, and Danielle – I got the sleeper and the other coupons today! Thank you so much!!

Ok, now, let’s get onto the details of what I got today. 🙂

First and foremost, I GOT MY DOUBLE STROLLER!!! Yes, I am shouting, because I am thrilled to death about this!! As soon as hubby woke up this afternoon and saw the box in the living room, he just had to open it up and put it together. It took less than 5 minutes to set up, and we both just love it! (He thinks it’s so cool that it has the actual military camouflage fabric.) I just love that it’s a double stroller, and I can confine TWO kids in it. 🙂 Lucy loves the stroller, too, and all night long, she kept hopping back in “Lulu’s seat.” Here are a couple of pictures – the first is of the stroller with our carseat attached to it, and the second is Lulu sitting in her seat:

Thank you SOOOOOO much to Joovy for such an awesome, awesome prize. I’ll post more photos once we get to take this baby for a test run! (Praying for nice weather tomorrow – wink, wink!)

Next, we got our Ergo Baby Carrier. I’m also really looking forward to trying this out! I love the versatility of it – how you can wear it on the front, back or hip. Awesome!! I would like to try and get the Infant Insert, though. With as little as Parker is, I think we’re definitely going to need it.

We also got our hat/shades set from Baby Banz. I couldn’t resist trying the shades on Parker. They’re still a little big, but he’ll grow into them! 🙂

Our Isabooties also arrived today. We went with the Graphite Racers, and they’re even cuter in person than they are on the web. Just adorable!

And, we also got a pair of “My first shades.” These are also just a bit big for Parker, but I have no worries about him growing into them. And, it’s ALWAYS nice to have 2 pairs of sunglasses. I’m notorious for leaving a pair at home when I need them.

Thank you, again, to each one of the sponsors! You all totally ROCK!

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    Can you take the infant seat out of the back of that stroller to make another “big kid” seat? If so, then I would take Parker in the baby carrier and put Jace and Lucy in the stroller, that way you can have three confined kids.


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