I’ve decided I’m not doing anything today.

And I mean that with every fiber of my being.

After Gene got off work this morning, he headed over to our church to help ready things for next week’s Homecoming services. He got home a little after 11 am, and we sat in our room and talked for a few minutes.

He was telling me something about the happenings at the church this morning, and all of a sudden, he gasped. He quickly asked me if I was ok, and said that he had never seen me this swollen. My hands and feet had blown up like balloons. (Think of a latex glove that someone has blown up – that’s what my hands looked like.)

I decided then and there that I have done way too much this week. It’s been a crazy week, and I haven’t had much sit-down-and-relax time. So, I’m taking the rest of today off and I’m not doing a darn thing. I’m even letting hubby make dinner. 😉

It’s supposed to be almost 90* here today. I was really hoping that Fall was just around the corner and cooler weather would offer some relief to this swelling. Guess I can’t count on that yet.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend. I’m praying for those affected by Hurricane Ike. Stay safe and check in when you can.

I’m off to do nothing……

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    I am just guessing but I bet you do need a day of not doing anything. I hope you enjoyed it!

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