Jace’s ENT Appointment

Yesterday, bright and early, we had Jace’s appointment with the ENT and the audiologist. To catch you up, at Jace’s 5 year old well visit, he failed his hearing test, and the doctor was concerned about all the recent cases of strep throat Jace has had. He needed a formal hearing test, and he needed a consult with the ENT.

We got their a few minutes early. I could tell that Jace was scared to death, so I tried to disctract him and assure him that everything would be ok. He didn’t believe me.

They called us back to the audiologist, and the tears started flowing. The audiologist was wonderful, and talked Jace through every single step. She showed him on the computer exactly what and how his ears were hearing. After several different hearing tests, she told me that she’d figured out what the problem was.

My heart sank. Problem? I didn’t want to hear about a problem. I wanted to hear that it was all a mistake and Jace’s hearing was fine. I think she sensed my fears, and she put me at ease right away. She told me that the problem is that Jace is shy. When the tests first started, he was trying too hard to hear properly, and actually causing things not to register right. As the tests went on, and he calmed down, he started having less trouble. But, she said, even with the problems at the beginning of each test, he still fell in the normal range. Thank heavens. She assured me that he was fine, and there was nothing we could do to fix this. It’s just who Jace is. We’ll just need to inform his teachers and such. I can handle that.

After a few more minutes back in the waiting room, the ENT’s called us back to talk about what was going on. She was wonderful. Jace took an immediate liking to her, and she to him. After she and I finished talking, she handed Jace one of her business cards and said, “Jace, this is my phone number. I’m your very own nurse. If you have any problems, or you need me, you just call me.” I wish I had a picture of how Jace’s face lit up after that. It was so sweet. He tucked the card in his pocket. Then, we headed back to the ENT’s office.

Jace was fine until the doctor walked in. Then, he started crying. He was terrified that she was going to stick that dreaded popsicle stick in his mouth and jam that big long q-tip in his mouth. She was wonderful. She assured him that wasn’t going to happen, and if he could open his mouth wide enough, she would only need her little flashlight to see his throat. The entire time she checked him over, she talked on his level. She talked to him – not to me – and she put all of his fears at ease. It was wonderful.

After looking at his throat, she was certain that his tonsils needed to come out. They are huge, and so are his adenoids. She wants to take them all out at the same time. She talked about the surgery with him, and he actually got excited about it. After all, who wouldn’t want to eat popsicles and ice cream for a week? 🙂

We scheduled the appointment for November 10th. We’re heading back to Ohio at the end of October, and I didn’t want to have to worry about something happening during the healing process. So, right after we get back, we’ll go in.

I’m scared and glad all at that same time. This is the first surgery I’ve had to endure with any of my kids, but I’m praying that it means no more strep throat, fewer ER visits, and less illness for Jace.

I’m so glad we got some answers. Finally. And now we’re on the way to finally making my little guy feel better. Hallelujah!

Have your kids had this surgery? I’d love any pre-op tips you can give me. Anything I can do to help ensure Jace doesn’t get scared?

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    My oldest daughter Lisa has had her Adenoids taken out, it was in combination with ear tubes. This was done when we lived in Holland and I think Lisa was 4 or 5 and I have to say I was a nervous wrack waiting in the waiting room! They gave Lisa a tablet to make her kind of sleepy while we were in the waiting room so she was more relaxed going into the surgery room (I could have used one of those), and then after about 20 minutes or so we were called in into the surgery room where I had to put Lisa on the table and then leave and wait in the recovery room. They warned me in the recovery room that as soon as they were going to pull the adenoids Lisa would be screaming and sure enough, when they pulled them she screamed and then after a couple of minutes they brought her in the recovery room on a bed and you need to be prepared for an extremely bloody nose (which I wasn't). I just picked her up, tried to calm her down and you have to stay in the recovery room until the bleeding stops. I do have to say, it looked worse then it really was, the bleeding stopped after a couple of minutes and Lisa was fine, no pain whatsoever. Now for the tonsils, none of my kids had these removed but I have and I was 19 so I know it gets worse the older you get. All I can tell you is that the promise of ice cream didn't work for me, I was miserable but I know for younger kids it's easier.
    They will also give you pain medication so it will all be ok, and Jace will be feeling so much better after he's healed, no more strep, a definite decrease in illness,…

    Now pre-op wise I would make sure not to talk too much about it, make sure Jace can ask all his questions with the doctor and/or you (so he's happy enough with it) and then go about it as normal. One thing I regret is that I hadn't asked all my questions, I could have been prepared better myself.

    Oh and another one, make sure he takes a favorite cuddly toy, maybe dress the cuddly toy into one of those operation gowns so both the bear and Jace go through it together.

    Now for afterwards I would make sure you don't have to go anywhere. Just relax at home with Jace.
    I hope this helps, Ann

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    Not yet, but Annalise will have her pre-auricular skin tag removed when and if she wants to have it removed. Ask at the hospital for a "Child Life Specialist". Google Child Life Specialist for more accurate descriptions of what they do. They're really neat. Their job is to prepare kids mentally and emotionally for hospital stays/surgeries.
    Good luck!

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