January 19th

Ok, so I didn’t make the “blog 365” again this year. Sorry I’ve missed a few days. I think today’s funny will make up for it, though.

This afternoon, Lucy and Parker both fell asleep and the boys were coloring pictures. I left Ash in charge and hopped in the shower. When I came out, I asked her where Jace was. She said he was in his room playing. I went in his room, but I didn’t see him. Panic set in, and Ash and I started searching the house. We couldn’t find him anywhere. I asked her how she *lost* her brother, and the look on her face was sheer terror. She knew she was in BIG trouble, and she didn’t know how to talk herself out of it. We live in the world’s smallest house. How does a kid just disappear?

I went into Jace’s room and said, “Jace Matthew. If you are hiding, you need to come out right now.”

All of a sudden, I hear the closet in the living room creak. Out comes Jace. “I was right here all the time, Mommy.”

This child will be the death of me. I’m sure of it!

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