January 4th

Zander had a rough night last night. He woke up about midnight terrified that a spider was going to get him. I tried everything to calm him down and get him back to sleep, but it didn’t happen until about 5 am. At 7:30, thanks to the other kids, he was up again. Because he got so little sleep, he was lying on the couch this morning watching tv. Jace comes over to him, puts his hands on Z’s cheeks and says, “Z-ner, it’s wake up time. Z-ner! Come on, baby! It’s wake up time!”

Part 2
Zander and Jace were running through the living room at top speed and crashed into each other, knocking heads. Jace runs over to Gene and says, “Z-ner broke my head!” Apparently, he didn’t get the attention he wanted from Gene, so he finds me and says, “Z-ner broke my head!” I kissed him and made sure he was ok, making sure to give him all the attention I could. I must have made Zander a little jealous, because he came over and said, “My head is broken a little bit, but I don’t need a Mommy kiss.” Guess he wasn’t that jealous!

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