Jewllori’s Summer Contest Fun

A fellow mom and blogger, and friend, Jewellori is having a Summer Contest entitled “What’s in your bag.” I love contests, so I just had to enter this one, too! 🙂

So, here it is…. my purse and all the necessary contents (Click for larger view):

Here’s the list of contents that are ALWAYS in my purse (I did remove the 800 grocery store receipts and empty candy wrappers, even those are also ALWAYS in my purse! This was a great excuse to clean out my purse! Thanks, Lori!):

1. A New Testament. (KJV, of course!) I don’t like to go anywhere without a Bible on hand. This has been a habit forever.
2. My camera. It’s my crappy point and shoot, but I HAVE to have one on hand, just in case.
3. Infant Motrin for Lucy. Never know when you’re going to need it.
4. Lip gloss. More for the kids than for me. I don’t like anything on my lips, but hate seeing the kids with chapped lips.
5. My cell phone. There’s a special pocket in my purse for the phone, but do you think I use it? Nope. I’m always digging through my purse looking for this darn thing.
6. The kids’ immunization records. Why I carry these around, I have no idea, but I do.
7. My wallet. Never has any money in it, but it’s stuffed with other people’s business cards, my debit card, insurance cards, etc., etc.
8. A mirror – with a picture of my kids on it, of course.
9. Candy. Lots of it. I have such a sweet tooth and gum makes me sick while I’m pregnant, so I have to have lots and lots of candy in my purse at all times.
10. A pen – with my business name and website on it. Gotta market… all the time!
11. An extra pair of contacts. Why I carry these around, I don’t know. I guess in case one pops out of my eye, I’ve got a back up.
12. Business cards for my boutique and my photography studio. I hand these out all the time.
13. Keys – to the van, our house, and to our house in Ohio that’s no longer ours. Not sure why I still have that on there.
14. A bobby pin, a pony tail holder, and a couple of extra hairbows. Just in case Lulu needs them!
15. Tracts. The million dollar bills are very cool, and I pass those out quite often. I like to leave them when we go out to eat. (With a really good tip, of course. I hate when people leave tracts and are really bad tippers. What kind of testimony is that?) I also carry several of the Atheist tests. I’m actually running low on tracts, and need to order some more.

So, there you have it. My purse essentials. And, yes, that’s a picture of my kids on my purse. I took that picture when Jace was just a few days old. It’s still one of my favorites.

Check out Jewllori’s contest and be sure to enter it yourself!!

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    Stereotypical Housewife says:

    Awesome Angie! Thanks so much for entering my contest…we have very similar stuff in our purses..I will have to take a pic of mine and everything in it so that everyone can see what’s in my bag! LOL!

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