Jingles the Elf Hide and Seek Adventure (Closed)

Please Note: This will be a Quick Giveaway, as I want to ensure you receive your prize before 12/1. As you read on, you will understand why. Please be sure to read ALL of the rules for entering this fantastic giveaway!
Prepare to open your heart to a special little elf coming straight form the North Pole…

Jingles The Elf” is a charming tale of a jolly little elf that magically appears on the first day of December, to embark upon a delightful adventure. After Jingles’ silly mishap at the toy factory with the “Magical Copying Machine”, Santa decided to send each little Jingles out on a special mission! Equipped with a magical bell to report back to Santa with, Jingles is sent out to the special boy or girl to which he was assigned. Every night, this playful elf will hide someplace new and wait anxiously to be found in the morning! This thrilling hide and seek adventure continues until Santa picks Jingles up on Christmas Eve and takes him back to the North Pole. Also included is a family fun section with activities and recipes sure to delight children of all ages!Written with a rhythmical flair this innovative tale is sure to capture the hearts of all who turn it’s pages.

Jingles will return to his special child year after year!

  Come along with Jingles as he journeys to magical kingdom that is childhood……..Where wonder and innocence rule and anything is possible if you just believe!

My Review of Jingles the Elf 
Jingles arrived on our doorstep while we were on vacation. Hubby opened the package and assured me that Jingles was just fine and had survived his trip from Santa’s workshop. I couldn’t wait to get home and meet Jingles!

When I got home, I found a gorgeous keepsake box that contained Jingles the Elf and a book. The book was beautifully illustrated. I immediately opened and started reading. It starts with the story of who Jingles is and how he arrived. He arrives on the first day of December, and each night, he gets hidden somewhere in the house. On Christmas Eve, Santa picks him up and takes him back to the North Pole. It is such a cute idea, and what a fun way to get the kids excited about Christmas.

Now, before I go any further, I need to say a few things. Yes, I am a Christian mom. We completely understand the true meaning of Christmas, and that it is the day that we celebrate the birth of our Savior. I do, however, also allow my children to believe in Santa. I think it’s important that they not only have a little fun, but they understand the importance of giving. And anything that can foster and encourage their little imaginations to grow and prosper is just fine by me. I absolutely respect any other Christian mom out there who does not allow their children to believe in Santa. I’m just not one of those moms.

Now, back to my review. It was obvious to all the kids that Jingles came early to play with us. He just couldn’t wait until December. And the kids were all ready to play his little game! The first night home, Jingles hid under the tv stand. Jace was the first one to find him the next morning. Each morning since then, the kids have taken turns finding Jingles somewhere new around the house. They love it! And Lucy just adores Jingles. She carries him around with her all day long, just loving on him. She’ll stroke his beard and say, “Oh, Jingles. You’re my bestest friend ever.” I think it’s going to break her heart when Santa takes Jingles back home to the North Pole.

There are several things that I really love about the Jingles The Elf kit: First of all, I love that encourages the kids to play together, and to use their imaginations. Next, I love the recipes, the craft ideas, and the other things the book includes. (My favorite section is “The Giving Tree” section. I’ve already promised the kids we will be doing that this year!) Thirdly, I love that Jingles encourages the kids to get excited about reading. Not only by reading the stories that are in the book, but also by “playing” along with the “A Book A Day” in December activity. Reading with my kids is one of my favorite parts of the day, and I always love when a product gets the kids excited about reading. And lastly, I love that the entire kit comes packaged in a beautiful keepsake box. It’s perfect for storing year after year, and Jingles will always be kept in a safe place, ready to play the moment you are!

If you have kids, and are looking for a fun way to count down the days until Christmas, I’d love to recommend Jingles The Elf to you!

Want Jingles to Come to YOUR House?

To Buy: You can purchase Jingles online on the Doodle Dots website. At just $24.95, it’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of memories. And with the special keepsake box, this kit can be passed down for generations to come.

You can WIN! Jingles can be sent right to your door! I’ve got a Jingles The Elf Keepsake Kit ready and waiting to leave the North Pole and arrive on your doorstep.

Because the Jingles Activity is set to start on December 1st, I’m shortening the length of this giveaway to ensure plenty of shipping time for Jingles to arrive. BUT, I’m going to give you more chances to win! 

To Enter:
Visit the Doodle Dots website and tell me one of the following:

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*You MUST visit the website and then answer at least one. If this is not done, you cannot win.

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    Disclaimer: I received the Jingles the Elf Keepsake Kit listed above from the author to get my honest and personal review. The free products have in no way influenced my opinion.

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    I follow your blog


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    The company mission statement:

    Our company’s mission is to create high quality innovative character brands and unique products that reinforce children’s natural curiosity and expression, encourage family traditions and togetherness, and invite children to let their make believe come true in a healthy, positive way!

    Awesome contest!

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    The author is Krissy Smith.

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    Her name is Krissy Smith.


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    She has 5 kids.

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    Their mission statement is: Our company’s mission is to create high quality innovative character brands and unique products that reinforce children’s natural curiosity and expression, encourage family traditions and togetherness, and invite children to let their make believe come true in a healthy, positive way!

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    My favorite tradition is when we eat pizza while putting up the Christmas tree.

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    The author is Krissy Smith.

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    She has five children.

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    The company’s mission is to create high quality innovative character brands and unique products that reinforce children’s natural curiosity and expression, encourage family traditions and togetherness, and invite children to let their make believe come true in a healthy, positive way!

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    The author has 5 kids.

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    One of my favorite christmas memories is the year I got a giant pink octopus stuffed animal

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    My family likes to make sundaes for dessert during the christmas season. Peppermint, red and green M&Ms, and other holiday toppings are fun.


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