July 15th

This evening after church, the boys, Lucy, and I had to drive Ashley down to camp. We got there, got her registered, walked her to her cabin, met her counselor, and walked her over to the field where kids were starting to arrive to play games. After a few minutes, we said our goodbyes, and we headed back to the van. The boys kept asking where Ashley was. I told them that we were leaving her. We often joke about leaving someone somewhere, so I’m guessing that they boys thought this was no different than any other joke. Well, we got in the car, and started to drive off. Zander says, “Mom. We are just pretending to leave Ashley. We want to scare her.” I tried to explain to him, “No, honey, we’re really leaving her. She gets to spend this week at camp with her friends from church.”

About 10 minutes later, Jace says, “Ok, Mom. Enough pretending. It’s time to go back to get Ashley now.”

When I wouldn’t do it, he was heartbroken. He couldn’t understand why Ashley would want to stay at a camp and not come home with him.

Zander turns to him and says, “Well, when I’m 25, I’m driving myself to camp to get away from you, too.”

(Zander thinks when you’re 25, you can do anything. After all, Mommy’s been 25 for 4 years now!)

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    Danielle says:

    Thinking about this again- My mom told me she was 29 once. She was 33 when she had me, so was probably actually about 39 or 40 when she told me she was 29. I believed it for years, and each time she had a birthday thereafter, I added consecutively from the time she told me she was 29. Until about 6 years later, when I announced my mom was 35, and she burst out laughing and told me the truth…

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