July 1st

The boys watched a very old Batman movie this morning. It was one with Batman (Adam West), Robin, Catwoman, Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler.

After they watched the movie, they decided to “play” Batman. They went into their bedroom and came out a few minutes later in their “costumes.”

Zander was Batman. For his Batman costume, he wore a brown hooded sweatshirt (zipped up to his neck, hood on), and a pair of way-too-big-for-him brown sweatpants. The child looked like a little thug.

Then, Jace walks out wearing a pair of jeans and a suit coat from his Easter suit – no shirt underneath. When I asked Jace who he was, he said, “Well, when I have this on, I’m Ms. Kitka (a character in the movie), and when I take it off, I’m Catwoman!”

His brother must have talked him into that one!

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