July 30th

The boys wanted to watch cartoons, so I asked Ashley to change the channel for them while I went and got ready for church. 2 seconds later, Ash comes in my room saying that she did all the right steps, but she couldn’t get the tv to go to the right channel.

I went back into the living room, grabbed the remote, and instantly put the tv box on the right channel. I told her I didn’t understand why it was so hard for her to do.

Zander turns to me and says, “Moms are magic. They’re the only things that are magic because they can do anything.”

A few minutes later, I was getting ready for church, and Jace and Lucy were playing in the (empty) bathtub with marbles. Jace says, “Lucy! You have a boo boo! Do you need me to kiss it?”

Lucy says “Yes” and proceeds to stick her butt in his face.

Jace laughs and says, “I am SO not kissing your butt. I will kiss your boo boo, but put your butt away!”

Angie Vinez (2893 Posts)

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    SissyMerks says:

    LOL!! Your kids don’t miss a beat!

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