Jumpstart.com – Keeps Kids Learning All Summer Long! (Review)

Now that the school year is over, parents everywhere are searching for new ways to keep the wheels in the minds of their children turning during the long summer vacation. Knowledge Adventure, the leader in adventure-based 3D virtual worlds for 3-10 year olds, has created Jumpstart.com—an exciting new 3D virtual world—to both entertain and educate kids as they are introduced to the internet.

Jumpstart.com combines learning with exciting game play and stunning 3D landscapes to keep kids engaged and focused.According to a study done by Dr. Harris Cooper, professor of psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, when students return to school after a long summer vacation, they’ve lost one to three months worth of learning. By introducing Jumpstart.com to your child on a rainy day, after dinner or before bedtime, kids can experience the adventure-based learning approach that has been synonymous with Knowledge Adventure for over 15 years. The multiple virtual worlds within Jumpstart.com, including StoryLand (ages 3-5), AdventureLand (5-7), and soon-to-be-launched FutureLand (7-10), present kids with opportunities to learn pre-reading, early math, social studies, art, music, computer skills and critical thinking skills.

Jumpstart.com is a great way for kids to continue to use their minds even when they’re not in school…and parents can feel confident when their kids are playing on the site, that it’s safe, secure and educational! Best of all, the site won’t break the family budget—at $7.99 a month (or $80 for a full year subscription) it’s a small price to pay to keep kids learning and entertained all year long

Monkey Mama’s Review of Jumpstart.com
Jace and Zander both had a blast playing on the site. As they were creating their people to use around the site, they kept doing the silliest things. Jace took all the hair off, then decided to go with blue hair. As he was picking out bottoms for his guy to wear, Zander told him he should try the skirt. So Jace did and they both laughed hysterically! I’ve never seen my 2 boys have so much fun at the computer before.

After they created their guys, I let them spend some time looking around the site. The thing I noticed the most was how interactive it is! It talked the boys through everything. I didn’t have to be standing right there, doing everything for them. The arrow was big so they could point it where they needed it to go, and it was super easy for them to follow along. They played some games and had a ton of fun on the website.

I’m really impressed with Jumpstart.com and would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their kids thinking this summer!

Jace & Zander’s Review of Jumpstart.com
Jace says, “I really liked going in the movie theatre and listening to the songs and playing along. And making my person was FUN! I thought he looked silly with blue hair and a pink skirt. I’m glad I took the skirt off of him and put pants on though, or the other people might have made fun of him.”

Zander says, “I liked that I could do everything for me and Jace all by myself. We didn’t need your help. Because I could read and because the dog talked to me, I could figure out everything that I could do. I like to work by myself of the computer, and I had a lot of fun playing on there.”

So, there you have it. 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from me, Zander, and Jace. Go check out Jumpstart.com today and get YOUR kids excited about learning!

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