June 13th

It was absolutely gorgeous here this evening, so we decided to spend most of the late afternoon/evening outside. The boys loved having Mommy and Daddy to show off for, and so they did! They’d show us how fast they could run, how quickly they could climb up the mountain (hill) in our backyard, show us makeshift cartwheels….. everything they could think of.

They then decided they were going to have a race. The race started at Daddy, went to the fence, then back to Daddy. The boys took off like lightning! They were neck and neck, until Zander started to pull into the lead as they neared the fence. As soon as Zander got to the fence and turned around, Jace stopped exactly where he was and turned around, too. This put him in the lead, and he beat Zander by about 6 inches.

Through their panting, Jace said, “I won! I won!” I laughed and said, “Yeah, honey, you won, but I think you cheated a little.” He replied, “I didn’t cheat, I just had to make sure I beat Zander!”

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