June 15th

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

Several funnies from today…..

I teach a children’s class during the Sunday Morning worship service at our church. Today, being Father’s Day, I had a special project and a special lesson all prepaed. As we were making the craft, I was putting the kids’ names on their project. I was talking to Lucy, and I said, “Ok, do you want me to put ‘Lucy’ on your paper?” Lucy shouted, “NO! LULU!!!” I replied, “No, honey, let’s write Lucy for Daddy.” Again she screamed, “NO!! LULU!!” as she pointed at her chest. She was quite adiment that she is LULU. Nothing else will do right now. So, I wrote Lulu on the project. Couldn’t upset her now, could I?

This afternoon, Ashley and MIL were talking about different animals that they like, such as white tigers, dolphins, etc. Ash then said, “I really like cheetos, too!”

And, tonight when we were putting the boys to bed…. yes, again with the bed time stories… they didn’t want to go to bed tonight. (Imagine that!) They found a teeny, tiny spider in their room and immediately made Gene come kill it. A few minutes later, Jace came out of his room and said, “Mom? Know what I wish? I wish I could get bit by a spider so that I could shoot webs and climb the walls like spiderman.” I then told him that I think he needed to be bit by a radioactive spider in order for that to happen. He replied, “You have a radio in your van. Do you think there are any spiders in it?”

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    mom2girls says:

    Love your funny stories! Can’t wait to read more. You are encourageing me to blog more often!

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