June 15th

The kids had another rough night last night. The boys would *not* go to sleep and were up until after 2am and Lucy was up all night coughing, so when Gene got home this morning, he let me stay in bed for another hour or so. (I love that man!)

When I got out of bed, the first thing Zander says to me is, “Mom. I’m starving.” I asked him if Daddy fed him breakfast and he said, “Yes, but I’m still starving.” I told him that I would be happy to get him some grapes to munch on. He looks up at me with those big puppy dog eyes and says, “Mom. I love you. You don’t make me starve like Daddy does.”

Note: When Gene got up in the afternoon, I asked him if Zander had breakfast. He assured me that he did – and he had PLENTY. Obviously, we’re hitting another growth spurt – poor kid is always “starving.”

While we were eating the grapes, Jace was handing them to me and Ashley out of the bowl. He had one stuck in his cheek for about 10 minutes before he popped it out and asked me if I wanted it. I said no thank you, so he turns to Ash and says, “Here, Sissy.” She popped it in her mouth, oblivious to where that grape had been for the past 10 minutes. Poor girl couldn’t figure out why I was dying of laughter on the couch beside her. Maybe it’s better if she never finds out!

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