June 25th

The boys got to spend most of the day with their favorite person in the whole wide world. Now, one would think that I would say “Mommy,” but, alas, that’s not so. My boys are both completely infatuated with a young lady in our church named Mandy. Mandy’s mom called me today and asked if she could take the kids to the lake. Since I had my doctor’s appointment, I couldn’t go, but I did let Ashley, Zander, and Jace go. The boys had an absolute ball, and all they could talk about the rest of the day was how much fun they had in the water and how much fun they had with Mandy.

Jace has decided that he wants to spend *every* day with Mandy and her family at the lake. He even asked if we could buy a tent so that they could just sleep there and swim all the time. He REALLY had fun today.

Both of the boys were completely exhausted and Jace ended up falling asleep during church. Zander tried, and tried, and tried, but couldn’t seem to drift off. He turns to me and says, “Ya know, if they’d stop singing and talking, I could go to sleep!”

Funny….. that puts most guys TO sleep! 😉

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    SissyMerks says:

    Wow, they DID have a good time. I’m glad they have Mandy to keep them busy for you.

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