June 25th

The kids were sitting at the dinner table with Gene and my MIL while I was over at the stove getting the plates ready. All of a sudden, Jace turns to Zander and says, “Daddy broke my heart yesterday.” Gene asked him how he broke his heart and Jace replied, “You just broke my heart. And Mommy hurt my feelings.” I told him that I was sorry that I hurt his feelings, and asked him how I did. He replied, “You just did.” Shrugging his shoulders, he went on, “I don’t know why you did. You just did.” Poor kid!

And, later on we were watching tv. A commercial came on for Best Western. Last summer we had gone up to visit a friend in Michigan and stayed at a fabulous Best Western with an indoor waterpark. As the commercial was playing, Ashley says, “There’s a hotel on here that looks just like the hotel that we stayed at, only it’s not.” When they showed the hotel, I said, “Yes it is! It’s the exact same hotel!” To which she replied, “No. That one is in Sterling Heights, Miami. We stayed in Michigan.” SIGH……. Along with spelling, it’s become apparent that Geography is not my daughter’s forte, either.

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