June 29th

The kids were full of wisecracks today…

Gene & Jace ran to get dinner. Zander kept going on and on about how he was just “starving” and I had to do something to distract him. I asked him what the spot was on his leg, and proceeded to tickle him on the leg. (Obviously, it was a tickle spot on his leg!) A few minutes later, Zander says, “Mom, I think the spot on my leg is disappearin’. It’s not going to come back until I have food in my belly. Then it will be ok for you to tickle me in that spot again.”

We rented a movie this evening, and we bought the boys a box of Dots to split. To open the box, you have to tear a corner off and there’s a part that extends back into the box. It doesn’t quite reach where the corner was pulled off, though. Anyway, during the movie, Zander picked up the box and said, “How on earth do you close this thing?” He fiddled around with it for a bit and then said, “Hmmm…. it just needs to grow a little bit bigger. Then it will close.” Smart kid! 😉

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