June 5th

Today’s funny includes a picture.

Zander is all about dressing himself now and refuses to let me help him anymore. Well, he decided he was cold this morning. (It’s 90* outside, and our thermostat is set on 78*. I’m not quite sure how this child can be cold, but I digress…)

He went into his bedroom and put on his blue fuzzy footed pajamas. Now, these are a size 3T, and Zander is a size 5/6 now. They’re awfully small.

I have no idea HOW he got them on, but he did. He comes out of his room, completely hunched over, and says, “Mom, these are hurting a little bit.” I told him it was because they are too small and told him he should find something else to wear. He decides they are just fine, and that he will “stretch them out” it he wears them a little longer.

The poor child can’t even stand up straight in them, but refuses to take them off!

Here’s Zander, wearing his WAY TOO SMALL PJ’s:

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    SissyMerks says:

    Very cute and funny!!

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