June 8th

Ashley and Jace had been playing downstairs in her room and when they came back up, Ash had her arms full of stuff. One of the things she was carrying was a game board. I asked her which game board she had, and she said, “This one – Clusters and Ladders.” I asked her how on earth she got “Clusters” out of that, and asked her to read it again. She said, “Right here – C-h-u-t-e-s…. Clusters!”

Although it’s funny, it proves a point that I fought with her teachers about all school year. Paper after paper of Ashley’s that I would read would have so many misspellings. It frustrated me to no end that her teacher would NOT acknowledge these misspellings and never, ever marked them wrong. When I confronted her teacher about it, her argument was that “the curriculum focuses on making sure the children understand how to write a paragraph. There’s no focus on spelling at all this year.” And, she was right – Ash didn’t have one single spelling test. In 4th grade, I see that as a problem. So, thank you, Lake School district. You’ve given me plenty of reason to want to pull my daughter out of your schools. Poor kid can’t even spell the word “Clusters” right.

Ok – sorry for the rant tonight. Sometimes ya just gotta.

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    Danielle's Daily life says:

    I’d try to encourage her to read a lot this summer, but make it literally anything she wants. Try to introduce her to journaling, too, especially with a spell checker. She’ll “pick it up”.

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