June 9th

We bought the boys a new Spiderman game at the thrift store the other day. (GREAT bargain for a brand new game!)

We hooked it all up tonight, and I told Gene that he had to be the one to show them how to work it. Well, the thing hooks up to your tv, and you get a big pad to jump/walk/run on as well as this thing that attaches to your wrist so you can shoot webs and punch.

Gene could not get the thing to work well at all. Apparently, his hand/wrist/foot/eye coordination isn’t what it used to be. He got frustrated and told the boys that they had to figure it out themselves. Wouldn’t you know it? They both had no problems at all and were shooting webs and running through the city with no problem at all.

Z turns to Gene and says, “Dad. You must be too old to play this game. I think Lucy could do a better job than you!”

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    SissyMerks says:

    Familiar and Funny!

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