Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long with The Flashcar Math Learning Game (Review)

As a homeschooling mom, I am always looking for ways to keep my kids interested and excited about learning. I was recently introduced to The Flashcar Online Math Learning Game, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Before I get to our review, here’s some information about The Flashcar Online Math Learning Game, as taken from their website:

The Flashcar Online Math Learning Game helps your child race to the head of the class by providing a fun and engaging way to learn basic math concepts in an interactive format. Flashcar combines the exciting fast paced world of auto racing with K-4 math curriculum for a fast paced exciting game that will keep children interested while learning.

My Review of The Flashcar Online Math Learning Game
Zander does really well in school, but he struggles with sitting down and answering math problems on paper. Especially when his lessons are timed. I couldn’t wait to test out the Flashcar Online Math Learning Game and see if it helped improve his math abilities.

When I told him that he was going to get to play a racing game on the computer, he got so excited! We logged into the website, and selected the “beginner” level. He selected his avatar and car, and was ready to race. He played game after game, and just had a ball. He was using the math skills that we study every day, but he was doing it in such a way that he didn’t even realize that he was learning and reviewing everything he’d be taught. All he knew was that he was having fun.

I do love that there are 3 different levels and that the game “grows” with your child without having to buy anything else. One thing I do wish, however, is that there was a level in between the beginner and intermediate levels. The beginner level is too easy for Zander – with all of the answers being 10 or under. But, the intermediate level is way too hard. (The answers in that level go up to 50. He’s only learned up to 18 at this point, and will only reach up to 25 by the end of our school year.) If there was a level that went up to 25 or 30, it would be ideal.

The cost to use  The Flashcar Online Math Learning Game is $14.95 per year, which is totally reasonable. To me, it’s worth it just to utilize during the summer when kids go on their “learning hiatus” and tend to forget everything they’ve studied during the past school year. This would be a great way to keep them thinking about the math skills they’ve developed and keep them on the path of learning.

Zander and I both give the Flashcar Math Learning Game 2 thumbs up. It’s a great investment for any family with kids in Kindergarten through 4th grade, and has earned the 5 Vinez Monkeys seal of approval.

To start playing the Flashcar Math Learning Game, head to and sign up today. Your kids will have a ball, and you’ll love the fact that they’ll be learning while they play!

Disclaimer: I was contacted by the publicity director of Flashcar Math Learning. I was given a sample log-in username and password to try out the website for myself. This in no way influenced my opinions, and all thoughts stated are 100% my own (with a little help from Zander). I was in no way compensated for this post, nor did I receive any kind of subscription to the website or game.

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