Kids Pick Flicks (Website Review)

Kids and grown-ups have very different opinions and tastes. Anyone who has a tween or a teenager in their house knows exactly what I mean. Sometimes, we grown-ups “just don’t get it.” (How many times have you heard that before?)

A boy by the name of Cole McNamara saw the movie “Van Helsing” and didn’t understand why it got such a bad rap from the movie critics. He told his mom that he wished kids could have a place to go and give their own opinions of movies.

Due to his efforts (with the help of his mom!) was born. Kids (and parents) can head to and see what other kids thought of movies both in the theater and on DVD.

This site is great for so many reasons.

  • By having kids type up their own reviews to movies, it’s forcing them to use sills they’ve learned from school: spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary, and word choice.
  • It sparks kids creativity, and forces them to go beyond just a “a good movie” kind of review. They’re writing more, and better, because of it.
  • It teaches them that even though something looks good, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. (ie A good trailer doesn’t necessarily mean a good movie.) This is a lesson that all kids should learn and utilize in their lives.

I also love that there are “Parent Reviews” on the site. Parents can share “red-flag” content in G, PG, and PG-13 movies. It’s not to review if the movie is good or not, but simply to help parents determine if a movie is appropriate for their children.

All in all, is a great resource for kids, parents, and anyone else who wants a kid’s honest and genuine opinion of a movie.

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Disclaimer: I was contacted by a representative of Much and House Public Relations on behalf of I was not compensated for this post in any way. The opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. 

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