K’Nex – Time to Get Creative! (Review)

Thanks to Team Mom, I recently had the opportunity to test out K’NEX with my kids, but before I get to my review, here’s a little more information about the products I received:

K’NEX 400 Piece Tub

  • Great Value – with 400 pieces, building ideas for 20 different models, and a storage tub, you get a lot of product for little cost.
  • Lots of parts so kids can build and rebuild over and over again. 
  • Includes an instruction book with building idea for 20 different models. Step-by-step instructions can also be found on knex.com.
  • Kids aren’t limited to the ideas in the book. They can use their imaginations to build whatever they are inspired to build.
  • Tons of movement in the models – wheels on cars, propellers on airplanes, ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds spin, so there’s lots of after-building play.
  • The pieces work with other brands, like Lego. So, if you already have Lego sets or other K’NEX sets in the house, you can add this set to them and expand your building system.
  • Storage tub makes clean-up easy. There’s enough room in the tub to not only store the parts from this kit, but also parts from other sets you may own. Or, you can use the tub to store a partially build model if it doesn’t get finished all at once.
  • The storage tub is also portable and easy to carry. you can put everything inside and go to a friends house, grandma’s, etc.
  • Made in the USA.

Suggested Price: $20.99
Age Range: 7+
Available at Target, Walmart, and Toys “R” Us

Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection Building Sets

  • Children can build their own Sesame Street neighborhood and then play with their favorite Sesame Street friends including Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Ernie.
  • Four individual sets that are designed to coordinate (so you can build the neighborhood) or each is fine being used alone.
    • Ice Cream Truck Building Set – works with the 123 Brownstone Building Set
    • Police Car Building Set – works with the Police Station Building Set
    • 123 Brownstone Building Set
    • Police Station Building Set
  • Both the Ice Cream Truck and the Police Car building sets come with a buildable Elmo dressed as an ice cream truch man or a police officer. the sets include wheels so the vehicles can easily be pushed around and played with.
  • Parts are bug and chunky so little hands can easily play.
  • Additional building ideas are included in each of the sets, or they can use their imaginations to build anything they dream up. There’s no wrong way to build!
  • Each set comes with a Play & Learn activity sheet which features educational and fun activities designed specifically for preschoolers and their parents. The included activities teach children fun facts related to the theme of the building set and/or use the parts in the set to sort, make patterns, etc. These include classic activities designed to help preschoolers learn to count, recognize colors, and identify shapes.

Suggested Retail:

  • Police Car Building Set – $9.99
  • Ice Cream Truck Building Set – $9.99
  • Police Station Building Set – $19.99
  • 1-2-3 Brownstone Building Set – $19.99

For ages 2 – 5.
Available at: Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys “R” Us

    My Review of K’NEX
    My kids love to work with their hands, and K’Nex are a fabulous tool for getting their creative juices flowing. When the box arrived, the kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on the kits and get to work.

    I let Ashley and Zander test out the 400 piece tub. Ashley opened up the instruction booklet and get to working making a ferris wheel. Zander didn’t want to take the time to look at the book, he just wanted to build. The kids sat there for hours, working and creating, and having a ball. Each time Zander would attach another piece, he’d say, “Ash, look what I did! Watch how it moves!” He loved it! Ashley made the ferris wheel and beamed with pride. She loves to make things with her hands, so this came naturally for her. I was so impressed, I didn’t want her to tear it down, but she wanted to get back to work on making something else. I really think they would have sat there all day playing with these, if we hadn’t needed to get dinner started!

    Jace and Lucy played together with the Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection kit that we got. We received the Police Car Building Set that came with a buildable Elmo figurine. Jace helped Lucy put the pieces together, and they rolled the police car all over a “town” they had set up with Barbies, Little People, and Legos. I loved watching them play together, and I loved that they were so excited about playing together! By the way, did you notice in the picture above that Lucy is holding Elmo’s hand? I love that!

    There are several things I love about the K’NEX sets: 1. Building with the K’NEX sets stimulates their creativity. There’s no limit to what their little minds can build! 2. The pieces are great for building and strengthening fine motor skills and enhancing hand-eye coordination. 3. The developmental benefits are endless. From the social/emotional development with imaginative play, to the language development with talking abotu what they built and created, and even their cognitive skills where sorting and making patterns encourages thinking and problem-solving skills.

    These toys aren’t just another toy your kid wants. These are a toy you will want your kid to have!

    Want to Try K’Nex for Yourself?
    Head to your local Target, Wal-Mart, or Toys “R” Us and check out all the fantastic K’NEX sets they offer. Or, check out knex.com and purchase directly from there. You can also purchase K’NEX sets on Amazon.com.

    “Make a K’NEXion” Video Contest!

    Now you have the chance to win $1,000 worth of K’NEX building Sets and be featured on the KNEX.com website!

    How? All you have to do is make a video that showcases your child’s K’NEX building skills and features your child building with select K’NEX products. Be creative, use your imagination, construct your own story – as long as the video features building with K’NEX, the possibilities are endless!

    The ten best videos will be featured on KNEX.com and one winning video will receive $1,000 worth of K’NEX Toys.

    Contest Dates: November 4 – December 7, 2009.

    For full contest details, log onto the K’NEX website and get the scoop.

    Disclaimer: Team Mom sent me the products listed above to get my honest and thorough review. Please note the recommended ages for the products before purchasing them, and also note that you may have a different experience with the products than I did.

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