Krysta’s Kingdom Prince and Princess Club (Review)

Krysta’s Kingdom is a fantastic new educational tv show for children. Here’s a bit of information about Krysta, the star of the show and a few of the other characters:

KrystaStrandedon the magical island during a thunderstorm when her hot air balloonwas punctured by Milo the hummingbird. On the island she finds a castlefilled with statues of her and with her name engraved on the door. Shenow finds herself surrounded by talking animals that learn from her andteach her as well. A wondrous place where her best friend – Rex theTeddy Bear came to life. Kind-hearted Krysta loves all the animals, toteach them not only to spell, count, but to cook and explore theirimaginations! She is the friend we all wanted while we were growing up!

Lady Liz – The Lady Bug – Liz is tiny, timid and scared of just about
anything except for letters. She loves to spell and teach her friends
new words.

Magic Mirror – The Magic mirror is inside the Library in the castle and
LOVES to tell stories and read books to all the friends in Krysta’s Kingdom!

Milo – The Spastic Hummingbird – Milo is often erratic, energetic,
extremely repetitive but most of all loyal! He loves to count and once
started cannot control himself to fly in delight and counting gives
him flight!

Rex – The stuffed Teddy Bear – Brought to life when he & Krysta crash
landed on the island. Rex is the inner child in all of us that has an
unending thirst for knowledge. Rex is open to any and all adventures
but is scared of the dark. He is a great friend to all the creatures
within Krysta’s Kingdom. Rex is very curious about other animals and
hopes to discover new friends and to finally figure out what kind of
animal a Stuffed Teddy Bear is.

Rudy – The Rubber Duck – Rudy loves the water and to go on adventures
with Krysta. Rudy is cute, cuddly and adorable, his sweet child-like
innocence makes him a favorite for each of his friends on the island.

My Review of Krysta’s Kingdom Prince & Princess Club 

I recently received 3 samples of the Krysta’s Kingdom Prince and Princess Club monthly mailings to review.

The kids loved the mailings. Each envelope was colorful and decorated, and it made for a wonderful surprise. Inside, there was an activity sheet and a beautiful card full of information about that month’s topic. We received a Sunflower Sheet & Card, a Ladybug Sheet & Card, and an Alligator Sheet & Card. The favorite with the boys was the Alligator Sheet. It had a fun activity to do on it, and we’ll actually be taking that activity sheet along with us to do while we’re in Ohio. We can’t wait! The boys begged me to let them work on the other sheets, though, so I caved and let them entertain themselves while I packed for our trip.

Zander took the sunflower card and sheet. He loves word searches, and he had a ball going through and finding each word. He’d get so proud of himself every time he found a new word. I loved hearing him shout, “Hooray, I found it!” whenever he found something else.

Jace took the ladybug sheet and got to work on coloring it. He loves coloring, so this was perfect for him.

There are several things I love about the activity sheets and the cards:

  • The cards are beautiful. The pictures are vibrant and colorful and full of information.
  • Not only are these kits fun, they’re also educational. The kids loved learning new facts about sunflowers and ladybugs.
  • They’re great for any age. Lucy loved listening about the sunflowers and the ladybugs, and she loves to color. And Ashley enjoyed learning new facts and is looking forward to the alligator activity we’ll be doing soon.

If you want to know more about Krysta’s Kingdom or the , stop by the Krysta’s Kingdom website today!

Disclaimer: 4 Kids Enterprizes sent me 3 of the monthly mailings to get my personal and honest review. The free items in no way influenced my opinion, but allowed me to give a thourough test to the products.

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