Lack of Baby Movement Worries Me

My babies have always been active while in the womb. Lucy was really the only exception. She rarely moved, and during my twice-weekly Non-stress tests, they would have to zap my belly to get her to move around. It was horrible. But, with her, I had rented a Baby-Beat Fetal Doppler to keep myself calm and reassure myself that everything was ok with her.

All of my other kids, though, were always moving around inside me. Parker was insane, and never stayed still. You could watch my belly roll from side to side all day long. I loved that feeling, because it assured me that he was all right.

I’m now 18 weeks and 3 days into my pregnancy. By this point in time in all my previous pregnancies, I’ve always felt the baby moving. Usually all the time. But this baby rarely moves. Every once in awhile, I can feel the little flutters, but nothing like with the other kids.

I can’t afford to rent another Baby Beat this time around. We have a few more kids than the last time, and hubby’s paycheck isn’t near what it was in Ohio. I just can’t tack on a $45+/month charge right now.

I suppose it’s completely normal for some babies to be calm during pregnancy. It’s just usually not the case with my kids. Maybe it means that this baby will be calm once he comes out as well. (Hey, a mom can dream, right? It wasn’t true with Lucy, but maybe it will be this time around.)

What’s your experience with baby movement during your pregnancy(s)? Have you had active babies or calm, content babies? Maybe you’ve had both? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. And if you’ve had a calm baby, I’d love to know how you kept your sanity!

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    At 18 weeks, I was only feeling occasional flutters mostly at night time. Now that I'm 30 weeks, I feel movement at different times during the day. She's a lot more active at night time, especially when I go to lie down. As long as she moves a few times during the day, I haven't really worried too much about it. My son was pretty active throughout the day from what I remember.

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    I felt Cams and Aves around 15 weeks, but it was past 20 that I even felt Delcie strongly. And, same as you, I worried. Guess it was due to my placenta being anterior, or in the front, which meant her movement would be felt more on the back of my uterus. Can't really feel it back there, though. Any movement I was feeling in the front was going through her placenta, so it was muted until probably close to 30 weeks.
    Hope you hear lots to help reassure you, it's so hard worrying about the things you can't see. Kinda like having faith in God, huh?

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    I didn't start REALLY feeling Isaac until 20 weeks, then it was like crazy time – he moves all the time like your Parker. I felt the mild flutters and worried, too, before that. Man, pregnancy can be stressful! lol I wouldn't worry about it, every pregnancy is different. 🙂

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    That happens. My middle child was that way. By the 3rd trimester, she could not be still. LOL. If you are feeling movements, I'm sure everything is fine. Some babies are slower to warm up 🙂

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    I felt Annalise move for at least a couple weeks before I found out that that's what it was. People always told me it felt like butterflies, so that's what I expected (it felt more like gas). I felt her really early like 16 weeks. I don't think she was really as much active as she was eager. She's still eager to this day.

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    This is my first pregnancy & I havent felt secure with my baby's amount of movement until the past couple of weeks & I am at 31 weeks 5 days! The movements started to be obvious at about 16-18 weeks, but were ever so slight for many weeks & then later on they were stronger, but didnt seem that frequent which was scary. My docs had been reassuring, saying the baby is a normal size, but still small to have been making a ton of massive movements. Now the baby is making much more movements & they are much stronger, so I am feeling better, but it can be so scary not knowing for sure what is going on in there.

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    My doctor told me at my 20 week ultrasound that the placenta was located in the front of my uterus this time and as a result, I wouldn't feel the baby as much until he got bigger. You might ask when they do your ultrasound where your placenta is at. I'm at 27 weeks now and feeling him plenty. 🙂

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