Leggo My Eggo…. Pizza?! (Review)

I love Eggo waffles. I have since I was a kid. They were the first “meal” I was allowed to make all by myself. When I was 4 or 5, I remember Daddy showing me how to put the frozen waffle in the toaster and then carefully take it out to enjoy. I remember pulling a chair over to the fridge so that I could reach the freezer and make my own waffles. I thought I was big stuff.

My kids now love Eggo as much as I do, only now, there’s more to enjoy! More flavors, and more products! Recently, Eggo introduced new Real Fruit Pizzas. Thanks to Eggo and Mom Central, my family and I had the opportunity to test out these new pizzas.

I’m still early in my pregnancy, but the cravings have already started. My biggest craving is for pizza. I could eat it night and day. And if I did, I would quickly become roughly the size of a house. So, I’m always looking for substitutes to satisfy my cravings and keep me from gaining all those extra pounds. 🙂 Eggo Real Fruit Pizzas definitely fit the bill.

The Real Fruit Pizzas are so easy to make! Just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes and enjoy. It honestly couldn’t be easier. The pizzas are topped with real fruit and granola, and are really yummy! Since everything is already made and frozen, it makes breakfast the easiest meal of the day to prepare. Quick and convenient. Always a plus with a large family. And, my kids loved the thought of having pizza for breakfast! Who wouldn’t? The smell that came from the microwave was simply divine. I hadn’t told anyone what I was making for breakfast the day we tested them out. I had the Eggo Real Fruit Pizza in the microwave for about a minute, and suddenly I had 5 kids and my husband asking me what I was cooking that smelled so good. They could hardly stand the wait for the pizzas to come out of the microwave. Luckily, it only takes a couple of minutes to cook them, so no one had to wait very long.

Everyone loved the texture and thought the crust was just right for the amount of fruit and granola that was spread on top. I personally wish that the crust had been a little thinner and crispier, but I’m the only person in my family that felt that way. (Of course, I’m the only one that prefers thin crust pizza in my house.) But over all, the taste was really, really good, and everything I expected from the Eggo brand. They come in 2 yummy flavors: Strawberry Granola (which is my husband’s favorite), and Mixed Berry Granola (which is my personal favorite)

Eggo Real Fruit Pizza is a new favorite in our house. They’re the perfect way to get in my “pizza” fix and also get some extra fruit in for the day. They’re easy to make, fun to eat, and even nice to look at…. but don’t look too long. They taste best warm right out of the microwave. Mmmmmmm. I think I just drooled on the keyboard a little. Oops!

If you want to learn more about Eggo Real Fruit Pizzas, head to the Eggo website: www.leggomyeggo.com

While you’re there, be sure to sign up to receive emails from Eggo about your favorite products, promotions they have going on, and get special offers straight from the source.

Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Eggo Real Fruit Pizza and received a sample of the product and a $20 Amazon gift certificate to facilitate my review.

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