Long Distance Moving: My Experience

In my rather short lifetime, I have had quite a bit of experience with long distance moving. In 1989, my family moved from Ohio to the Chicago suburbs. I was 11, and it was heartbreaking to leave my family and friends behind.

In 2000, my oldest daughter Ashley and I hired a long distance moving company, packed up, and headed back to Ohio. That move was so easy. Having a moving company take care of loading the truck, getting it to our new home, and unloading everything was wonderful. I didn’t have any worries, and our trip went as smooth as could be. So thankful I moved back, too, because the following year, I met the man that would become my husband.

In 2007, my husband and I rented a moving truck and packed up all of our stuff to go from Ohio to Georgia. Not only were we moving, but my mother in law decided to move with us as well. I had my 4 kids {one that was a year old} and a bunch of our stuff in my truck. My husband drove the moving truck and had his mom and her huge German Shepherd in the passenger area.

That trip was one big nightmare after another. Looking back, I wish we had used a moving company that specialized in being long distance movers. Our truck wasn’t big enough, so we had to leave a lot of it behind. Not two weeks after we got down to Georgia, we got a phone call that someone had broken into our garage in Ohio and stolen everything. I cried for weeks. If we had just hired a moving company, this never would have happened.

About 2 hours away from my mother in law’s new apartments, the moving truck broke down. Another nightmare, and we were stranded on the side of the road for hours – and still hours away from our destination. We had to call a tow truck to get us to her new apartment complex, unload the back of the moving truck, and then continue on our way to our new home – all while still being towed.

We arrived at our new home in Georgia around midnight that night – completely exhausted and vowing to never, ever do that again.

I still changed my mind about moving a long distance again, but if something comes up and we need to move, you can bet I will be hiring a long distance moving company to take care of everything for us.

Have you ever moved a long distance? What was your experience like?

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    You remember, Angie, when my parents and I moved to Arizona from Chicago when I was one month shy of 15. We had a huge garage sale and only took valuables. It took 5 days to drive from Chicago to Phoenix with a small U-Haul of valuables behind the car, and my parents bought all new things in Arizona including a new second car. I remember my dog Queenie always hogging the whole backseat, and being sad that my mom’s birthday was spent in a motel in Oklahoma. When I moved to Houston from Arizona almost 10 years ago, I sold everything I had and put all the bare essentials in the car. That move was the experience of a lifetime. I learned so much about myself and just how much I was (am) able to accomplish. I never have hired movers, but for this last move, I wish I did, because I am on the second floor and already had all my furniture (including a chest freezer)
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