Look who arrived on my doorstep today!

Ollie Octopus arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. I won Ollie over on 5 Minutes for Mom – a place that I’ve been frequenting probably a little too much lately! It’s such a great website!

This past weekend, they had a quick giveaway for sweet little Ollie to go along with their unbelievable sale! I couldn’t afford to buy Ollie (as much as I wanted to!!), but I knew what a hit he would be in our house, so I did everything I could to win him. Can you even believe it? I got an email from Susan @ 5M4M on Tuesday saying that my number had been pulled!! I couldn’t have been more excited! Lucy is going to LOVE him, and it’s something that Parker can also grow into. Hopefully the bigger boys will give the little ones a turn! 🙂

I’m holding onto Ollie until Christmas, but I *had* to sneak a peek for myself. He is even cuter in person than he is in all of his pictures. He’s the perfect size for Lucy, and I just know she’s going to ride him all the time.

I guarantee Ollie has found a good home here. He’s going to get so much love from all of my kids. I predict hearing “My turn! My turn!” many, many times over the next few years.

Thank you, 5 Minutes for Mom. My kids are going to love Ollie, and I can’t wait to present him on Christmas Morning!

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    That is really cute. Your kids will love it.

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    How cute is that?!?! Girl, you are so lucky! I haven’t won a doggone thing yet. Although, I haven’t really entered anything the past couple of weeks, either. The kids are going to love him! Sounds like it is shaping up to be a nice Christmas for you guys. I am so happy for you!!!

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