Lots of great items arrived today!

I heard the mailman coming down the driveway this afternoon, so I sent Ashley out to see what he had for us. She came back in with her arms full of goodies. They were stacked so high, she couldn’t even see over the top of it. It’s Christmas already around here! 🙂

Today we got 3 sets of goodies from the Virtual Baby Shower.

The first is from foryournursery.com. Because all 3 boys will be sharing a room, and the room has a Spiderman theme, I asked Tiffany if we could do the word “Spidey.” She was fabulous to work with from start to finish. When I opened the box today, I couldn’t believe how AWESOME the letters were! My boys are going to FLIP when they see these!! If they were sound sleepers, I’d have Gene put them on their wall during the night on Christmas Eve so they could wake up to them in the morning, but there’s no way they’d sleep through it. Maybe if we could find a Santa costume…..

Here, take a look at the letters, they really are fantastic!

The second package was from Secure 2 Me. They sent a fabulous stroller shade (which will definitely come in handy on our new Joovy stroller!), and the prettiest blue giraffe blanket I have ever seen. I’m wrapping both of these and putting them under the tree for Parker. LOVE them!

The third package came from Amy at Tote and Tee. I used my gift certificate to order a shirt for Lucy, a pair of Santa socks for me, and a pair of Santa socks for Ashley. The moment I opened the box, Ashley grabbed her socks and put them on. She just loves them. And I am SUPER impressed with how adorable the shirt is! I can’t wait to give this to Lulu for Christmas!!

Again, and HUGE thank you to all the sponsors. I think I’ve only got two more presents that I’m waiting on, and I know one is on backorder. I’ll post about the last two as soon as they arrive. This has been so much fun! 🙂

I did get one more box today. It was a box full of goodies from the MUIB Trading Post. I can’t post any photos on here, because some of the items are Christmas gifts for a couple of dear friends who read this blog, but I’ll just tell you that it’s REALLY great stuff, and you need to join us over there if you haven’t already. I made out like a bandit! 🙂

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    I don’t know how old your boys are, or if they’d notice, but could you put the nails in the wall before bed while they’re off doing something else? Then you’d just have to sneak in and hang the letters on them. Just a thought. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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