Low-Maintenance Children’s Birthday Parties {Guest Post}

If you’re like me and have more than one child, you know that throwing multiple birthday parties every year can get overwhelming and expensive. The key is to set parameters for your child’s requests and listen to their feedback in order to come to an agreement that will work for everyone. Sometimes it is just easiest to streamline the task with a specific theme and buy a package of Super Mario Bros party supplies. You can also give them the latest Super Mario video game for whatever system you guys have and invite a small group over to go to town on it. Order a couple of pizzas and you’re set for the event.

For most children’s parties, practicality is more important than extravagance. I remember many a happy adolescent birthday party with just a pack of water guns and a slip and slide for my friends. However, our youngest daughter is a girly-girl and she wanted to have a princess themed party for her last birthday. We made homemade decorative cookies, which she was happy to help whip up from scratch. Her helpfulness and desire to pull off the kind of party she wanted was too cute.

We have twin boys that share a handful of close-knit friends. If they ask for an over the top birthday, I make the deal that they have to help with the set up and cleaning afterwards. This tends to keep their party requests in perspective and easy to manage, and they usually opt for a low-key slumber party with pizza and movies. This also helps with any jealousy from their sisters. Everyone knows what kind of responsibilities are involved and can choose whether or not they want to go all out, or just be the center of attention with a few friends.

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