Lucy’s Big Girl Bed

As I mentioned in Parker’s update, we have been having an issue with Lucy that I needed to speak with the doctor about.

Sunday afternoon, Lucy told Gene no, and he put her in her crib for a time out. When her two minutes were up, I went in to get her out and explain to her why we don’t tell Mommy and Daddy no.

When I got in there, Lucy was huddled in the corner of her crib in the fetal position, crying hysterically. She was shaking and absolutely terrified. As I got closer, I saw a fly sitting on the crib rail. That is what was scaring her so badly. I took her out of the crib, calmed her down, and told her that the fly could not hurt her. From that moment on, we have not been able to get Lucy back into her crib. Every time we would try, she would scream at the top of her lungs and climb out. That night, putting her to bed was horrible. She ended up sleeping in Ashley’s bed with her. It was the only thing that calmed her down.

So, we decided that it was time to get the crib moved into the boys’ room and get Lucy in a big girl bed. I took the crib apart, moved it into the boys room, and rearranged the girls’ room so that we could pull Ashley’s trundle bed out for Lucy.

At first, Lucy loved this idea. Monday night, she fought a bit, but eventually went to bed. Ashley HAD to be in the room, and Ashley had to hold Lucy’s hand until Lucy fell asleep. It was the only thing that worked. When I talked to the doctor about Lucy’s fear of bedtime, she told me that it’s completely normal, and Lucy’s just going to have to get back into the bedtime routine.

Tuesday night was awful. She absolutely would not go to bed. We tried exactly the same thing we did on Monday night, but Lucy screamed, climbed in Ashley’s bed, and got out of her bed a dozen times.

Last night, Lucy fell asleep on the way home from church, so we just got her dressed for bed and brushed her teeth. (All while she was sleeping.) We put her in her bed, and I thought that was the end of it. Wrong! No sooner had I gotten Parker down, than Lucy woke up screaming. I sat on the floor beside her bed to calm her down, but if I tried to move, she woke up in a panic. I finally got her to sleep, and Parker woke up, wanting to nurse. I just can’t win! LOL!

Maybe a few more nights of being in her big girl bed will help. Guess we’re just back to getting her in that routine again. I hope she catches on quickly!

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    Yeah, I think these things are just about consistency, not only with the routine, but how you handle it. In other words, if you give in to her and, say for example, let her sleep with Ashley one night and then try to put her in her own bed the next night, you’re probably going to start back at square one again. I’ve seen the technique on Super Nanny where she had the parents just keep putting the child back in their bed over and over again, as many times as it took for them to stay there and go to sleep. The first night was usually the worst and got better from there. No fun for sure, but worth it in the end.

    I hope things continue to improve with Lucy and bedtime is a breeze for you soon!

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    I know you are doing the best you can do. Sometimes kids just need to get older. So many times I thought Carter would be fine in doing something and he would be. I would wait several months and he would do it then. Hopefully you two can talk out her fears and then all will be resolved. I know the feeling, you are tending to one kid and then the needier kid needs you right then, ugh! Natalie made some great points. I hope all works out, sooner the better, right?! *smooches to Lucy*

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    Chicy-Creations says:

    Oh I am so sorry, this must be so hard on you. I hope she gets back into a good routine. AND soon 🙂 I wish I had some magical advice to give you! Good luck.

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    The Stevens Family says:

    Yikes, sounds like a nightmare! I hope things get better soon. You’re doing a great job, staying calm and trying to reassure her. Surely a bedtime routine she can always count on, and some experience in the new bed will help her feel more comfortable and less scared. The picture of her in bed is priceless! Good luck and big hugs to both of you.

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    The Stevens Family says:

    p.s. Your new blog layout is awesome! This must be the WordPress style you were talking about. Looks like the changeover worked great!

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    Tilly's Bowtique says:

    My older two had a really hard time when the second was about that age. Bedtime was a nightmare! Well, for us at least, lol. They were both in toddler beds at the time — We finally pushed the two beds together and had them sleep in one big bed. It was so comforting to them. The number of times they got out of bed in the middle of the night, or came and snuck into our bed, dropped drastically.
    I was a very high-strung child 😛 and reportedly for some period of time I would have to have one of my sisters next to me so I could rub her arm until I fell asleep. Sometime my girls do this too 🙂

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    I hope it will work out with Lucy. It might take a while though.
    I absolutely love your blog redesign, you are amazing!

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    glenna says:

    Hang in there

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